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What I’m listening to        Show of Hands – ‘The Keys of Canterbury’ from the album, Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed.



Today I’m finding beauty, In all it’s shapes and forms.


My morning walk through the churchyard


The last rose




Morning sun


My beautiful daughter in New Zealand (photo by Theo Bruckner)


What are you celebrating this weekend ?


12 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Gorgeous images, Viv. You’re such a talented photographer. It’s nice to see your lovely daughter following in mum’s footsteps, camera at the ready. I’m not sure that your rose will be the last one. It’s been such a balmy autumn that my roses have all sprung back into life – not quite to the same level of flowering as in springtime, but they are looking and smelling divine, which sits oddly with the autumn colours. Happy Halloween and all the best for the weekend, Bonny


  2. Your outlook on life, finding beauty in your walks everyday, is a calm and welcome way to approach the world. As much as I enjoy making still life photographs, sometimes it’s such a joy just to immerse myself in my environment and document the beauty – as you have done. Love the image of your daughter and her camera. My 17 year old son loves to take pictures, too – and so it seems we really do pass on our passions and talents.


  3. Again some absolutely beautiful images. I love the rays of light coming through the trees and lighting up the fence but they’re all great.



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