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Isn’t it funny that a day can make all the difference to how you look at the world ? Sunday I felt ill, Fibromyalgia, cold, achy and downright miserable. Not an ounce of enthusiasm and grumpy to boot. Today it’s raining and cold and I still feel achy , but I played with my tripod and trusty Lumix (still haven’t decided on a name) . The light was hideous but with the tripod and Lightroom I had a great time.




I feel Autumn edits should be gritty I don’t know why but the rusts, reds and yellows look so good with lots of contrast.



A different effect desaturated but enough contrast to show the veins in the leaf and the crackles in the pot.

Finally I have been playing with typography and as the retro look is so popular at the moment I made this….


Sigh that was fun…..

Kim Klassen dot com
PS Thank you Mark for putting up with grumpy me 🙂

18 thoughts on “TEXTURE TUESDAY

  1. Good Morning.
    Yes, we need some striking leaves to help us through the doldrums of the weather.
    Wind and rain don’t tempt me out much now and the aches and pains have free reign it seems.
    Just as well we have learnt to play again 🙂
    Loved the contrast you introduced here. I didn’t think of adding an object or two to my leaves. Thanks for the idea.


  2. Viv, I agree with you about the grunge and darker mood for Autumn photography. Before all the post processing I’ve learned I wanted my photos to look just exactly like I saw them, but that preference has all changed. I especially like the deep shadows on the leaves, the crisp details, and the brown tones. And I adore your “Play” image!!


  3. I so agree with you on autumn photos being “gritty” – I feel the same way and my editing of fall images always takes that direction. I’m glad you’re in better spirits – your photos are beautiful!


  4. I go both ways. I love the dark moody but then I’m on to the bright, vibrant colors. So much to be enjoyed in the fall. Ours is slow coming…I think it’s not going to be a good year here. So I especially enjoy your photos.


  5. I think autumn is the best time of year for photos – so much texture and rich colour. Lovely shots here Viv. So pleased you managed to create even when not feeling so good.


  6. All your images inspire me Viv…….I feel I could almost crunch those leaves on the second one; wonderful contrast!
    You have inspired me in another way too; I also have felt unwell for some time and it has dragged me down and taken away my desire to create anything. I really need to adopt a better attitude and not let this ‘thing’ get the better of me. I am aiming to do a blogpost this week…….fingers crossed.


  7. looks like you had a wonderfully creative day and I agree about the gritty, grungy textures and tones…like the crunching of leaves beneath your feet as you walk down the street! beautiful work, as always.


  8. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Your photos are beautiful and I’m glad the process cheered you up a bit.


  9. I love your gritty autumn images and I also adore your retro typography! I love type but haven’t played much with it at all lately. So many options and possibilities…just can’t do it all!


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