Looking for light – Friday



As Autumn sets in with darker evenings , rainy days and brisk breezes we look for light . As a photographer I am alway looking out for the life giving rays that warm the soul.




I am returning more and more to my digital art I find it soothes me, playing with shapes and colours. So expect to see more.

 Mask by me,  thanks to a wonderful tip at captivated visions HERE, paper  and transfer by Rosey Posey, brushes by Anna Aspnes


Update on the blog not good, two steps forward one back so I’m sticking with this for the time being and trying to not lose patience with the new site….

Find this week, this book which I so want for Christmas.





Kim Klassen dot com

19 thoughts on “Looking for light – Friday

  1. Lovely images Viv – I love the “from where I stand” photo … and yes, digital art can be very soothing and therapeutic … and you are very talented in that department! Good luck on the new site!


  2. I know how a new site can really work on the nerves, hope things will go easier for you. Love the image of the light filtering through the trees and from where I stand. Lovely. Your digital art is always just wonderful. Have a beautiful weekend.


  3. Love the images! I need to get out with the camera and make some art of my own through the lens. And it is a cloudy morning, so looking for and finding that illusive light is a worthy quest.


  4. Ah, yes! The autumn light … so mesmerizing and so aloof all at the same time. So happy you shared your lovely work today because we’ve had precious little photogenic ‘light’ this week. {And in spite of what Darrah says, I detest flash.}


  5. I’d never thought of that method for making a mask, it’s very clever. She has such excellent tutorials. The book looks fabulous and I’m sorry the website isn’t going to well. I’m going to try and talk Blake into watching the Web videos with me because he’s been trying to learn html, CSS and javascript through Lynda.com. Although I’m not convinced with the trouble you’ve been having.


  6. I look forward to seeing more of your digital art. I wish i had the time and patients for it. The book looks wonderful! You may also want to add to you list: Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life.


  7. Isn’t it amazing how that light can transform even an ordinary parking lot into something special! And that book does look intriguing. I hope whoever fulfills your Christmas wishes reads your blog. 🙂


  8. I am sitting out in Western Washington in the fog without a hint of sun. Really good luck with the blog. I know how it is to just not know where to turn. One tiny problem can take up hours. Have a good weekend.


  9. So many good book recommendations this week…I love yours and knowing Mark you will be enjoying that one with a cup of tea on Christmas afternoon….enjoy your weekend Viv.


  10. The light is most beautiful at this time of year – just got to be on the right place at the right time. I love the early morning mists as the sun burns through – that’s what I’ll be seeking over the coming weeks.


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