Texture Tuesday – Reflections

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“To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself.”
― Anne Rice

I’m in a reflective mood at the moment, looking back and forwards. What I have done and what I really want to do. I find it difficult baring my soul but as I am nearing my 60th birthday some plans and choices have to be made.


kk_chill brush by Kim

I think since my breast cancer scare some years ago I have been coasting not really thinking and not acting. I am so lucky and I am grateful for my life and for  my family and friends.


supplies by Susie Roberts, myself, GThomas, Tiffany Tillman

Lines have to be drawn and resolutions made, it won’t be easy. Inside me there are stories to be told.


Supplies Rebecca McMeen, Viva Artistry and Captivated Visions

Linking with Kim today


This is from Kim’s post on Friday what great words thanks Kim for the nudge….

A gentle Nudge

“Struggling with getting stuff done……. making things happen…. moving forward….or perhaps getting started?

Something to consider….
Is your something … a something …..you love.. or something you think you should love?
or maybe just maybe….
Fear is holding you back…..

Perhaps you have some fabulous tips… your own experiences…ideas or stories…
I invite you to share in the comments below….I’d love to hear from you.”

28 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday – Reflections

  1. A great post with wonderful image pages and I agree with Sarah, find I wanted to hear more of your trails. I didn’t know you had had breast cancer so glad you are on the other side and had people supporting you. I think when we have something like that it effects us in a way that life is sweeter forward. I know as I am turning 70 at the end of this year I find myself looking to get things done that I want to do and it is a struggle in my mind to get everything done. But I am working on it and I think that is all we can ask of ourselves. Great post Viv.


  2. Lovely, thought provoking post Viv. There’s something about a landmark birthday that prompts one to pause and reflect. This is when the deep work comes and it’s a slow process. I worked my way through breast cancer a couple of years ago and I am still working through that process. You absolutely do have stories to tell. Just need to give yourself the time to allow them to surface so that you may put words to them. Cheers my friend.


  3. Very deep. The combination of getting closer to 60 and having lost both my parents in the past 5 years makes me think about how little time we have here. Your stories keep you alive. And we all benefit from them. Thanks for your beauty in your creations and within yourself.


  4. Fabulous work girlfriend. Something about contemplation and reflecting seems to bring out great work in us. And I encourage you to write. You have a way with words. Oh, and contrast on winning the class at Scrapaneers!


  5. I wrote a poem this morning on that very subject.

    “Is it because we know we are mortal
    that we prize what’s ephemeral
    beyond rubies?
    Is it because we see the rose fade
    that we furnish her dropped petals
    with dignity?

    How tenderly we cradle the dying
    Like Snowwhite in her glass cage
    Not quite gone but going
    As we know we are ourselves going
    With or without the dignity
    That Nature sometimes gifts”.

    Must be the melancholy of Autumn that makes us think like this all of a sudden.
    Inspirational post.


  6. Gosh I love your images – especially the last one with the quote “you are confined only by the walls you build yourself” – so powerful. Love you digital work and your images. I have to agree with the other comments – I’m left wanting to know more – so lucky that this community is so supportive! Take care


  7. Lots to ponder here, Viv. I’ve had some of these feelings (and turning 60 is ancient history for me. . .)- I guess it’s part of life, but definitely not the easy part. 😦 I am in love with that first image!


  8. A heartfelt post…I’m also in a contemplative place these days. Lots of changes are coming and change is always scary…I wish you peace and courage as you start on new paths. Your images are beautiful, as always!


  9. I stood where you stand not so many years ago Viv…and I made some choices then…one was to pursue this photography journey…it was a good choice…now I find myself on that ledge again…ready to make another leap..but in order to do that I have to let some things go…to many “likes” is not always good..
    I admire your strength and your creative beauty….take the path you love and let go of the rest…xoxo


  10. Great post, Viv! So thought-provoking, something we all need to be poked with every now and again. Yes, I find myself looking at the younger photographers and envying that they came to photography at a much younger age than I did, I was just shy of 60 at the time. But it’s not the number of days that count, it’s making the days count.


  11. What beautiful images and artwork.
    Thoughts like you mentioned here are coming to the surface more often than not lately. Moving forward sometimes can be very difficult – coasting along as you wrote is often the result.


  12. a beautiful thought-provoking post viv. i think anytime we do this sort ‘soul work’…it’s always difficult, scary to get started. but you make such beautiful art – and i think your art tells such a beautiful story.


  13. Your first image is so beautiful and melancholy at the same time. Yes, being in the sixties has so many mixed feelings, emotions for me anyway. I so loved being in my fifties, but as I edge toward 70….I sometimes feel as if I have been sent asea with no control, so I can understand your posting about heading into 60. Happy Birthday on that day and many, many more for you to come.


  14. Your images are lovely. At 50 I realized my life was not going the direction I wanted and I blamed circumstances and other people. When I stopped focusing on the things and people I couldn’t change and turned my focus to the things in my life that I could change, well, my whole life changed!


  15. What ever your decision, listen to your heart. If it is at peace over something, you know your going the right way.. but then, I think you have a wise heart, and I believe you will stand in your strength and face the world with grace… if your actions in the real world are anything like the honest, open way you face what you portray here…. I think you got this….?


  16. Truly a lovely post…filled with poignant reflection. Congratulations on being a cancer survivor. I’m sure that makes every day a bit sweeter regardless of what happens. Your first photo is so beautiful, but the last one really says it all.


  17. Yes, congratulations on being a breast cancer survivor, Viv. A wonderful post filled with beautiful art and heartfelt gratitude. I especially love the lacy curtains with the pom-poms..reminds me so much of my grandmother’s old house and the wonderful memories there.


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