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I had a fantastic walk through the park on Monday morning I had my trusty little Lumix with me ( would it be sad to give it a name?). I was struck by the light and the faint mist rising over the grass. It was magical. Quiet, a few children on their way to school, commuters cycling and a few seagulls trying to find a tasty morsel.





This is my favourite time of year crisp cold mornings followed by warm, mellow afternoons.



Linking with Kim today.

Kim Klassen {dot com}

23 thoughts on “TEXTURE TUESDAY – Lovely Light

  1. Glad to see you are continuing to enjoy your new camera – and no I don’t think it would be sad at all to name your camera. After all, it is one of your best friends. Right? Lovely views of stunning morning light. Your description of how you felt seeing the world through a photographer’s eyes and your grateful thinking . . . a joy to read.


  2. The light is truly magical…
    I agree with Donna and Barbara, you should name your camera. I named my Nikon, Betsy. Really. ‘She’ is named after a giant Caribbean lobster in the Florda Keys, long story…


  3. I agree with Sherry…she needs a name…I name all my cars…and sometimes I even talk to them…
    You and her are doing a fabulous job here in the park…love the first shot with all those sparkles…just lovely and yes, this is the most beautiful time of year…except if I get to France again for spring…we don’t really get spring here anymore…
    Enjoy your week..


  4. My pro photographer friends have names for their cameras, so why not? (I’m not a pro but happen to have two lovely friends who are.) Lovely autumn light in your photos!


  5. I’m with you, Viv, love this time of year and I can just smell that crisp, refreshing fall air! Beautiful sparkling images! And yes, you should definitely name your new friend.


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