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This week has been a week of distraction. I’m still not happy with my blog, it’s not WordPress I love WordPress but I want more control. I want to choose my own fonts, colours and plugins. Also I love tweaking and playing. So Mark and I are embarking on the challenge of developing our own website using I hope to document my adventure in blogging my way.


First research, Mark and I were pleasantly surprised to see a good number of new books in the library.



The Blogging for Creatives is my own copy and I do like it.



I have had a major think about my camera. Because of my Fibromyalgia I find carrying a largish, heavy camera painful. So I made the decision to buy a super zoom camera that is also so compact. I can shoot in RAW, it has a brilliant zoom and so light and easy to carry. One of the new features is that I can transfer images wirelessly from camera to iPad. Check it out HERE I used it in London and was very pleased with the results. I can still use the Nikon for still like on a tripod but the compact is pretty good at that too.




“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus

A photo shoot inspired by Kim’s BeStill class. The prompt was organic. A lot of my images tend towards the earthy, organic look and I had a lot of fun . My wooden background, linen napkin and some crunchy leaves. I think my little camera did well.


Using Kim’s texture on the frame, waterfront1. Template by Anna Aspnes – FotoInspiredFrames no2 and brush Autumnal


Hope your weekend is full of crisp mornings and blue skies……

Kim Klassen {dot com}

21 thoughts on “Friday Finds – distraction

  1. I look forward to reading about your new website. I think your existing website looks smashing. I shall also follow your posts on the compact camera with interest. A long time ago I bought the DMC-TZ8, a much earlier ancestor that has only 12x zoom. I was very happy with it and still use it from time to time when I can’t bear the weight of my Nikon. And yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed for some blue skies. Us street-photographers have been a bit grumpy recently about all the mist and mellowness, especially when the light kept improving every day at 4:00 p.m. when school got out … grrrrr. Have a super weekend, Bonny


  2. L O V E your organic work!! Love it! Good luck with the blog revamping. You’ll learn a lot. So pleased you found a lightweight camera to use on your walk arounds, and how handy for a wireless download system!! I seem to keep adding weight to my gear – trying to keep my old muscles in shape!! lol xx


  3. A treasure trove of finds here today, Viv! Congrats on deciding to design your own website! WordPress is extremely rigid when it comes to changing fonts and styles, it even strips code if it doesn’t recognize it which is driving me batty because I can’t create a mouseover … I adore your triptych – and that camera sounds amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I have an older Lumix (12x zoom) that I love. It’s the camera I prefer to travel with, since I always fly with a carry-on only. I’ve been dreaming of a super-zoom lately! I’ll be interested in seeing how you like yours as time goes on. The triptych you created is beautiful. Best wishes on your website adventure!


  5. A friend has a Lumix and his photos are awesome. I almost considered buying another camera body body because Canon just came out with a new 7D. Then I though about the weight and his much more I use my iPhone. Your organics are amazing!


  6. What a wonderful post – like a conversation with a dear friends. Thanks so much for documenting and sharing your journey toward creating your blog and taking control. I’ll look forward to more installments in the series! ANd congratulations on your new camera! Your triptych of organic images caught my eye right away – props styled so creatively with great edits. I just ordered a small camera to carry with me everywhere, too. I chose the Fujifilm X30 – to be released on 9/30. It has the wireless feature, too. We’ll compare notes – and hopefully both be pleased.


  7. Self-hosted wordpress is the way to go – learn some basic CSS and then you hold the reigns and control everything in the website. But CSS is the key for controlling design elements like font, color, backgrounds, etc. Good luck! And remember google is your friend. ❤️


  8. Oh wow, what a wonderful post. And congratulations on your journey to create your own blog….honestly I think this one is beautiful. I am going to investigate that camera because I have arthritis in my hands and fingers that get awfully stiff and sore carrying around my big camera and lens. Thanks for the info too about the books.


  9. Good Morning Viv, I was in VA. this past week and didn’t get a Friday Find up but wanted to comment on your thoughts and images. Love the triptych, it is awesome, love the texture on the frame. I too have been looking for a smaller camera that will give me most of the results of my Canon Mark III, as my back just can’t take it much. I have been looking into Mirrorless Cameras, just so hard to switch from Canon but some of my lens will work on some of the Mirrorless. I really need to do more research on these as it is getting harder and harder to carry the big girl around especially in traveling as I did to VA. I have heard really good things about Lumix also, have fun with all of your adventures.


  10. Viv, I have heard wonderful things about that camera and good for you for taking on this new blog journey, I’m curious to see where you go with it! Love your beautiful autumn images, gorgeous earthy color and texture!


  11. a great triptych – such a warm autumn feel to it! best of luck with the blog re-design – when that route years ago when I had a studio with two others…but with my own, I’ve been using blogger that I like pretty much – keeps it simple which is good for me at this stage…but I am sure that whatever you design, it will be creative and inspiring…I look forward to it!


  12. Oh Viv I love that your not afraid to try anything…and Mark is there to help…Sometimes Jim and I work that way also..
    I must look up that Lumix…I’ve been looking for a smaller camera and I was thinking maybe Fuji 100S because of it’s Zuisse lens…but I’ll check both out…
    Your Triptych is so lovely…and the texture around the frame makes it a stand-out piece..
    Hope your weekend was terrific…
    See you tomorrow for Texture Tuesday.


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