FRIDAY FINDS – DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF (or how I learnt that not perfect is ok)

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Sounds of sirens, of many languages. Bustling, running, pushing. This is London, vibrant and loud, flawed and thrilling. Could I live here ? No, but a place to visit and marvel at the beauty. The immense landscape, of modern and ancient, somehow it works. Joggers pant past tourists with maps and cameras, buskers play steel drums all a glorious mess. I love you London…..

We visited London for the day. What a shock, I hadn’t visited for a few years. It was an assault on the senses and I was so tired when I got home. When I loaded my images to say I was disappointed is an understatement. But, when I start looking again I realised that this is street photography, you don’t have time to stand around composing, you get pushed and shoved so it has to be snap snap. So if it’s not completely in focus does that really matter ?


I have decided that I still love the whole Photoshop Artistry thing, and although I don’t process like this so much anymore,  when I do I love it.


It is all about conveying a feeling and for memory keeping so important to maybe slip in some candid shots I have to learn that is OK.


River Thames with Tower Bridge in the distance


St Paul’s Cathedral from the South Bank.


Under the arches.


The wonderful Borough Market in Southwark see the website HERE


So I am going to continue looking for the intimate, the personal.


Have a great weekend keep looking for those special moments…

19 thoughts on “FRIDAY FINDS – DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF (or how I learnt that not perfect is ok)

  1. These are great shots! I love that one of the Thames! I still do the grungy Photoshop Artistry thing- so satisfying to start with a photo and create something more. All of your images are wonderful- I am a bit jealous of where you live with so many wonderful nooks and crannies- and beautiful landscapes too- to photograph. My only visit to Britain was was when I just had a point and shoot- and wasn’t into photography that much- going back is on my bucket list!


  2. I love your street photography! and your description of London so intimate and authentic. I would love to go there, but like you, I couldn’t live there. I also love the Photoshop Artistry … I simply don’t have enough time or energy in the day to do everything I want to! that’s a good thing! have a wonderful weekend, Viv!


  3. Great photos of my home town, Viv. I love the informal style of street photography that you’ve perfected here. It sums up the bustling, mad, chaos of the modern city. Glad you had a blast and enjoyed some of my favourite places. Come back soon! Bonny


  4. These are fantastic street photographs Viv!! You’ve captured and presented them in a way that really draws me into London. It also encourages me to now finally get out and do some street shooting right here where I live…the cooler weather will be more inviting. City madness is something, and takes some getting used to…sometimes i prefer more of a country setting. I love that second shot, and the cathedral.


  5. Viv, I think you are too hard on yourself. I’ve only been to London once, for a week several years ago, and my photos are, I suppose, much more typical touristy ones. (Except for one fabulous one I caught of Her Majesty the Queen. Seriously.) Yours are definitely not touristy, but much more intimate. I especially like the one of the Thames, with that lone figure walking along the riverbank.


  6. Wow Viv, I love these photos ! You really captured the essence of a big city ! I had plans to go to London last month for a couple of days…I’ve never even been to Covent Garden, or any of the markets, although I have been to London several times over the years, and my son was going to take me, Oh well, I will go next year now and hope to capture some great images like yours :))


  7. I love London also Viv and miss it…I’m really hoping for next Spring and a great price on a plane ticket…All of these places are so familiar to me…having been there many times…but your telling of them made me feel like I was right there, right now…of course my favorite would be of Mark and the tea pot…no one does tea like London..I also loved the market…especially the movement of the lady in the blue jacket..and the wine merchant. Excellent choice on the monotone…love them all…thanks for taking me with you.


  8. I am captivated not only by your amazing photographs but the story as well. Learning as a photographer to let go of aiming for the perfect shot all the time is so hard. Your words are so encouraging. Thank you.


  9. You sound like me as I lament that the pictures didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped or expected. My husband always chides me to “wait a day or two and then look at them again with fresh eyes.” Invariably, I find the photos are better than I first thought. Your photos of London are vibrant and moving. I love the photo at the market with the blur of shopping. I so admire your artistry with Photoshop and textures. This post was a joy to read – and I am so glad you didn’t shelve the pictures are not-so-good. If they are not perfect, they must be just right!


  10. I love these street shots! You have really captured the feel of the city and personally, that’s what I look for in an image rather than something that is just technically perfect…these are perfection to me!


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