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Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.

– ‘You’ve Got Mail’


Hello September, goodbye August. I love this time of year, crisp mornings, blue skies the sun getting low earlier, which makes for some great photography. Here at Little Orchard I’ve been playing with the print module in Lightroom and creating pictures of a still real life.




Light is a problem in the house, we do have a unheated sunroom which I use when it is warm but I’m scratching my head when it comes to the colder months. I may do a series called catching the light .



kk_waterfront 1

Do you have problems with light ? If so do you have tips ? I would love to hear them….

Linking up today with Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday



  1. This morning, your post has made me smile, ear to ear…Love “You’ve Got Mail” and I love every line in it. Day 2 of September feels so good. Oh the hunt for light – same problems in my house too Viv. My unheated sunroom has doors so I close them, put on a jacket and shoot out there even in the winter (unless it is below zero), then I’ll pull open all the curtains, and crank up the ISO. I’m loving your painting supplies and collage! Enjoy the A.S. paints!! Aren’t they fab?!! xx


  2. Well, Viv you could just pack up that suitcase and come here. I have a bedroom all ready for you, oh wouldn’t we have fun. I don’t have much trouble with light doing the winter here in the desert so pack those bags. That is my tip.
    Love the collage, always love all white in images with a hint of red, just love.


  3. Great layout and love your still life shots. I have great light in our bedroom which has a north facing window. The problem is the bed, it is in the way 🙂 So I am definitely limited to small scenes. We could probably stand to have a few more trees cut down outside to bring in more light, but I like the privacy they provide.


  4. The natural light in this apartment is much more limited than what I had in the previous places I lived in. I haven’t been here through a winter yet, so I don’t yet know how that will work. I’m still struggling with NOW, so I’ll take that one day at a time. 🙂 I love your white collage and that sweet little heart.


  5. Oh, I love everything you’ve shared today, Viv! Really wonderful. Don’t you just love the print module? It really didn’t catch me until LR31 and all of a sudden, there it was. All I had to do was be hit over the head with it.


  6. I guess you don’t know what you have until you realize that someone else doesn’t. We don’t have a lot of trees like Sara so that helps, but I’ve always wished I had more in the back yard. But I don’t want them to block the sunset as it gives perfect light on my flowers in the summer. The sunrise is a different story, none, there is a house in the way. Inside I have great light in the living/dining room, large windows on the north and south. The kitchen is a different story tho. Good light in winter but only on one counter, summer bad. Love your vignettes and collage!


  7. Love your images Viv and the quote on the second one is so lovely ! It’s still Summer with a vengeance here….nearly 100F today…..phew ! So I’m really looking forward to the Fall and cooler temps. My house here does have a lot of windows though so I’m a bit spoiled with light…….Enjoy September ! 🙂


  8. such soothing white tones…love it! as we move into winter, light is a problem here in the Pacific NW…I move around lot from room to room depending on the day – but like Sarah, I’m confined to smaller shots since the furniture gets in the way!


  9. Viv, I’m in the same situation. Though I live in So. Calif., my house is very dark. Where I do have windows, the neighboring trees block light. I would be interested to see you do a series on “catching the light”. I’m going to try Sheila’s suggestion of the Ott-Lite.
    P.S. I love what you did with the chalk paint. I’m definitely a “white” person.


  10. Nothing like NYC in the fall, in fact fall is my favorite time of year here in New England. Your collages are always so lovely and like you, I have a hard time with the light in my house. I have just one spot in my kitchen that gets descent light and it’s very early in the morning.


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