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This week I discovered a wonderful new website called ‘ Brainpickings’ and this particular post HERE.  The owner of the site Maria Popova writes wonderfully,  and this particular post deals with the work of Rebecca Solnit and her book A Field Guide to Getting Lost. How reaching out into the unknown , the uncertainty is so important to living creatively. The fumbling, struggling with our creativity is what makes us grow.

Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go.



 I think we all struggle with uncertainty , when we try to jump sometimes it doesn’t work and we might fall, but how wonderful it is when we step off into the unknown and find something new, something so exciting it makes us catch our breath. Whether it is a new technique a new idea for a piece of writing, poem or composition.





Popova says ‘ for Solnit, as for Rilke, that uncertainty is not an obstacle to living but a wellspring of life — of creative life, most of all. Bridging the essence of art with the notion that not-knowing is what drives science, she sees in the act of embracing the unknown a gateway to self-transcendence’.

This is what I am seeking, to maybe get outside my comfort zone.  I don’t know what it will be but I’m not going to give up trying.



Music today :

Michael McGoldrick – The Dub Reel (Morning Rory)    Imagined Village – Hard Times of Old England (The Imagined Village)     Bob Dylan – Thunder on the Mountain (Modern Times)   Rod Stewart – Mandolin Wind (Every Picture Tells a Story )  Ry Cooder – Jesse James ( The UFO has Landed)



  1. Wonderful images! I love the crop and texture of the flowers and the light is so beautiful coming through the trees in your last image. I really don’t like uncertainty, but I think you are right. Uncertainty is necessary for a creative life, trying new things and growing with each try, whether succeed or fail.


  2. I loved reading your thoughts on this, Viv. I’m going to click on that link as soon as I post this comment. Creativity is can be a struggle. Trusting myself and the universe is difficult at times- thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Hi Viv…I just love your looking for light photo…so beautiful and the blue jar with the keys…fab…I have been looking for some keys lately but no luck yet…amazing how much they add to a photo…I have though, put that book in my cart on Amazon and when I get a minute I’ll check it out…I also subscribe to Brain Pickings and often save the page…it is a great site…I have to remember to share better…I’m always in a rush it seems…
    Have a beautiful night…


  4. My favorite is the image of “light” — wonderful perspective and subject. Your post inspires me, and this sounds like a wonderful book to put on my reading list. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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