FRIDAY FINDS – Connections are what makes photography a personal journey.

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My friend Sarah at PaisleyRainBoots  has been pondering recently about personal photography , a connection to the place, person or occasion. I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday as I was strolling through the grounds at Stourhead in Wiltshire. Stourhead is a magnificent stately home and the grounds are a work of art. The property is often used in film and television . A picture postcard place.

The Pantheon




But when I came home and looked through the photographs I was underwhelmed, don’t get me wrong it is a remarkable place, but I felt a decided lack of connection.

The photographs that spoke to me were a set I took at the Pantheon which is going through intense renovation.


The Tools



So much work needs to be done



Showing the work behind the beauty, the skill of the stonemason is a real connection for me.


And of course there had to be a selfie in a mirror in the wonderful shop.

I will continue to explore what I’m calling ‘heartwork’ how about you ?

A touch of random

I love Spotify have you tried it ?

Some great ideas here at Mollie Makes magazine

Design Seeds never lets me down.


Music I love at the moment  the wonderful Richard Thompson HERE

And finally I love the retro look of this shot I created in PicTapGo moved into PS and added the Poloroid look



Kim Klassen dot Com





Have a sunny weekend…..


13 thoughts on “FRIDAY FINDS – Connections are what makes photography a personal journey.

  1. Glad you are finding your “heartwork”. I’m still finding mine, although photographing flowers has always been close to my heart. What a beautiful place and beautiful photos. Love the selfie! Have a great weekend!


  2. The story is in those behind the scenes shots and you need more than just a pretty picture. Good for you to be exploring this aspect of your photography. The shots of the restoration work are stunning, love those detail close up shots.


  3. First I love that first shot and that would have been fine with me but then you started talking about heart and I saw where you were coming from and could understand, so good Viv. Love the tools and the selfie. So soulful really so great. Good stuff your finds this week and when I get the right link in my Feedly it works great glad I finally realized what was happening. 🙂 Have a happy weekend.


  4. Love your explorations and thoughts here. When I photograph landscapes and buildings I often feel the same underwhelm…and you’ve got me thinking about how there is a connection or emotion that I need to find. Lots to think about. Love your random list too and great processing on your smoothie time image. Happy weekend. 🙂


  5. Your post hit home and I was just blogging about the same thing, finding the photography that makes me happy. While I enjoy the still life photos often found in Friday Finds, it’s simply not me. So glad to have stopped by today. Feel very encouraged. Thank you


  6. I love visiting you, Viv! Your tours of national properties always amaze me. Yes, the background work is certainly captivating. And I simply love your ‘roid shot! 😀


  7. Yes YES! I know what you mean. While I think that the top shot is gorgeous, I am sure that the same view has been captured countless times – with camera, paint, pencil. Obvious beauty. A no-brainer. But your next photos really grab me.



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