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As part of my continuing search for the heart in photography I am trying to be more thoughtful in my process, though it is a balancing act between getting it just right and over thinking. I still want to keep the spontaneity but rein it in a bit. Playing with my new purpose built backdrop (which I have now painted the other side a very subtle white with a hint of green). I used it as a base with an old coffee sack as the backdrop. I had to do a lot of tweaking as the colour of the sack really overwhelmed the image. In LR I used 2 of Kim’s presets ‘dark mood’ and ‘within’ then in PS I added kk_chase and kk_pinit11.




Onto the next edit, I decided that the texture of the sack was almost too textured, so using a painted wine box as a backdrop I did this…. In LR I added my own dramatic workflow then tweaked to soften it in PS using kk_chase again.

Much better.




Finally a dramatic version which I love using Kim’s new preset ‘within’ and kk_chase and kk_pinit 11.




Have a glorious Tuesday “Texture


  1. I love to learn by trial and error and it was fun to see your backdrop experiments. The plain backdrop brings the eye to the beautiful lines of the pitcher and the loveliness of the roses.


  2. I know just what you mean, thoughtful and purposeful yet not overthinking the process! You did a wonderful job, absolutely love the quotes, tones and texture work. Thank you for visiting my blog and the kind comment you left!


  3. The second one is most gorgeous. But I like the first. I love the BG, perhaps if you shot some with a shallow DOF the sack would blur a bit more. I love the partial lettering on it. Maybe crop it in half and save the top. You should photograph that sack for a texture to overlay. I love it’s color.


  4. Viv your editing processes are always a delight to see, and the techniques you used…you’re so good at it all! Beautiful images!! Happy week to you!!


  5. I enjoyed this post, especially your thoughts on the process. I’m with you on all of it. My fave: the final one.



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