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I have lost the fluffy, the soft, all I want to do at the moment is the strong and crisp, but with a little fluffy…..

I did some backlighting but I strayed toward the dramatic rather than the soft. I think it’s the flowers  I don’t think they are good subjects for fluffy the peonies are over and everything is a bit megh ….

Texture by Kim from The Waterfront Collection.


Here is a digital layout. Not my garden I hasten to add…

Supplies by Anna Aspnes..


Thought for the week, thanks to Cheryl Crotty for posting this wonderful quote on Facebook..


Some Lightroom play…..


Chalk magic

Texture by Kim …..


Linking up with Kim for Friday Finds…….

Kim Klassen dot Com

19 thoughts on “OH DEAR

  1. Viv, these are beautiful! Sometimes, you don’t need the soft. I love the flowers and find reality the best for them. Lovely!


  2. hi viv … sometimes soft and haze just is not right for a photo … love all your treatments! and that grunge in your collage is awesome! hope you have a nice weekend!


  3. I’m with you on the soft thing…I’ve been pulling out dark and crisp every time I’ve gone to big girl camera lately. It’s that super dramatic high contrast lighting that is making my heart sing too when I see it on the back of the camera. Lovely images all around and I’m glad you made the leap to WP. How do you like it so far?


    1. Jessica thanks for your lovely comment. I’m really enjoying WP it’s so easy and more stable than Blogger..


  4. Viv I love your strong and crisp! I lost you for a bit and then I figured out you are showing up in my WP reader.. so glad! I am such a fan of your post processing. Lovely post. I want to follow you on Instagram.. 🙂


  5. Sometimes bolder treatments are better than softer feels. I really like your selections and that first capture/texture treatment. And I really love the quote you’ve featured.


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