This is from the archives  from August 2002. I was using my Fuji point and shoot. Thanks to the wonder of Photoshop and Lightroom I am able to play I really brought up the clarity and split toning and added kk_canvasbackmagic.





And a photo from Jo who is now in Queenstown New Zealand. It’s ski season there and so so beautiful….. I used kk_canvasmagic this time….







  1. It’s amazing what Lightroom will do for even our phone images. Some of my favorite shots where from my point and shoot. I love that last edit. beautiful!


  2. You were a few years ahead of me with digital camera work. It is fun to edit old images….love the statute!! Thanks for sharing a photo from your daughter’s new home. I hope she is enjoying being there now, and getting settled in.


  3. Hard to imagine ski season when we are suppose to hit 100 today. Lovely photos Viv. It is fun to edit old images, sometimes I look at how I edited them before and wonder what I was thinking. xoxo


  4. Love both of your images. Such a gorgeous view, your daughters new home is beautiful. Love your first image – the color and texture of the statue.


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