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Perhaps the steepest learning curve in photography is learning to see as the camera sees.

~ David duChemin


I’m still in search of the elusive ‘style’, just when I think I have it I ‘discover’ a new idea or perspective and off I go again doubting and wondering. I currently am looking at two books on the soul of photography,  ‘Photographically Speaking, (a deeper look at creating stronger images)  by David duChemin, and Shooting with Soul by Alessandra Cave. Both of them look at how to communicate your vision through your photographs, I am finding this concept fascinating and of course this ties up beautifully with Kim’s BeStill52 class….


Here are my random five shots showing I hope that it’s less about style and more about heart……



My take on one of Kim’s prompts…



Practising focus and depth of field with the Nikon still struggling…



I like this one, using Kim’s preset ‘breeze’ and ‘simple’ texture…Just when I think that I’m not ‘getting’ the soft look Lightroom proves me wrong…..




And I love the deep and rich as well.  I  love the colours and the sharp almost alien look of this cornflower seedpod.



Finally a few weeks ago Taunton had a mini festival and I took a series of photos of the Punch and Judy Man he was a very willing subject..


I think I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy the process and the creativity….

Have a wonderful July 4th my U.S. friends……





  1. Oh, I love all of these images. And I’m right there with you in trying to find my style. One week, I’m using textures like crazy, and another week I’m converting to some form of black and white, and then I go for the bold. I love “Photographically Speaking” and need to reread it. I’ll have to check out the second book you mentioned. I’m not familiar with it. The more I dip into the concept of “contemplative photography,” the more I realize that I see with what Christine Valters Paintner calls “the eyes of the heart.” Maybe that’s my style: “Heart photography.”


  2. Heart Photography is a wonderful description Viv and Olivia! When i think of picking up my camera my heart just a leap! I think the two are connected, literally. I used to ponder and stew over “my style” then i realised whatever i photograph is about my heart and my eye seeing beauty.


  3. I always love your images Viv ! I’ve just ordered Shooting with Soul, I’ve looked at it before, but you convinced me to buy it 🙂


  4. Lovely photos, Viv, … and heart photography is indeed a great term !
    I noticed that tiny butterfly in your name … so cute, love it !
    Nice weekend,


  5. Your style is what you want it to do or what it is at the moment. I guess I don’t really want to be defined by a style. I like learning too much to settle into one thing.


  6. Beautiful images as always. I’m with you on the elusive style – always seeking and doubting -perhaps that’s how it should be though…


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