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 “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”
― Kenneth GrahameThe Wind in the Willows



My idea of heaven is being by the water, the sea, river or lake. So my Photo – Heart Connection this month is a photo taken at Falmouth Marina in Cornwall on a late afternoon in June….THe boat was a perfect candidate for a shot.  Lost, broken and neglected it moved gently on it’s moorings . This short break in Cornwall will hold a special place in my heart, a spontaneous decision to take a few days and run away to Cornwall before schools broke up and those tiny lanes became choked with traffic. Warm mellow evenings and hot sunny days perfect….

Joining with Kat Sloma for her Photo – Heart Connection….



  1. I love your new look! And your idea of heaven is the same as mine. Books and reading material must be included. {My Kindle is loaded for our trip.} And that photo … have I ever told you that I love old rowboats? Yes. I do.


  2. Great image — can see why it is close to your heart! Couldn’t agree with you more about boats and the seaside. Wonderful you could get away so spontaneously. Makes life so much more interesting…


  3. Ah, there is a lovely peace in this. I can feel myself, bobbing up and down in that boat, with the cool evening air washing over me. I can see why this is your Photo-Heart Connection this month!


  4. What a poignant Connection! I know the feeling…only with me it’s simply getting up in the mountains.



  5. WATER, oh yes! That’s my idea of Heaven, too. What a wonderful, summery Photo-Heart Connection. I love the textures of the wood and the tangle of ropes and chains. Neglected it may be, but that boat looks solid, gently rocking on those ripples.


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