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The U.K. has some amazing historic houses to visit.  Some are very grand and others more homely, the house we visited this week was certainly very grand.  Petworth House in West Sussex is jaw dropping grand.

Photographically speaking it was not a good day for me, my camera being a bridge camera does not perform well in bright light as the smallest aperture is f8. Also it was windy,  so very few opportunities for flower photography. I had a revelation, why did we travel all the way here ? Was it to see a magnificent house with a remarkable history ? Or, was it to take photographs and really not take in the outstanding  paintings, sculptures and objet d’art ? I must confess it was the latter, but I realise that is so short sighted .

The house was full of paintings by Turner, Reynolds and Van Dyck. The state rooms were never intended for everyday use but rather to display outstanding collections. My particular favourite was the chapel and I wish now I had taken more notice of the hand painted coats of arms and had not spent my time with my eye pressed to the viewfinder.

Digital scrap supplies by Rosey Posey @ Scrapbook graphics


So in my roundabout way this is my Friday Find, never ever let photography take over to the point that I don’t stop, look and absorb what is around me…..


 P.S. I might have a chance to put this in practise as we are hoping to spend a few days in Cornwall soon…





15 thoughts on “FRIDAY THOUGHTS

  1. I LOVE your new blog design! I can see that your blog is such a beautiful reflection of you . . . truly honest and so endearing. Your images and insights for today’s post remind me of why I enjoy blogging so much – the connections. So beautiful that you immersed yourself in the experience.


  2. I think that is part of photography. I don’t have all the fancy gear but I make the most of what I have. You did a fabulous job.


  3. Yes … real words of wisdom! While we proclaim that our cameras keep us ‘present now’, there are too many times when they keep us from being present now. Thanks for the reminder. And you’re right … that ‘house’ {I use the term lightly!} is jaw-dropping.


  4. Your words struck a chord with me as I was in a museum yesterday where cameras weren’t allowed in a particular exhibit. It was kind of liberating to be able to enjoy what was there, in the moment.
    The pictures that you did get are great and I especially like the framing of the building in the first one.


  5. I must say I like your new-look blog; i liked the old one as well, but this new design is lovely. I have never been to Petworth, but I can see from your photographs that I’d enjoy it very much if I were to go. Lovely collage and very wise words about not getting too obsessed about recording the moment to actually live in it. All the best, Bonny


  6. Such an important lesson that we would all do well to remember every once in awhile…I have started not taking my big camera everywhere…I bought myself a Canon G 15 and it fits in my purse…if I really need a shot (fix)…I take it out and it does a great job..’
    Enjoy your trip Viv..


  7. Love the new blog ! I agree about taking the time to actually see what you are looking at, rather than through the viewfinder. I’m glad you enjoyed Petworth House, it is near where I used to live in the UK and we spent many enjoyable hours walking through the park .


  8. I’m in agreement with enjoying the view/journey these days! This place is really grand!! Thanks for sharing just a few photos, and I hope you enjoyed the tour! Congratulations on moving to WordPress!!! It looks great Viv!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!


  9. Yes your words are very true, sometimes we can get so caught up with taking the photos, we forget to really see what’s out there. Lovely photos!


  10. There was a report in the news on this very thing just recently. People are so busy taking photographs that they aren’t really present and can’t remember any details of the event/place they were at. It is a balance. You want the photos to remember the place/event yet you need to actually BE there, actually SEE it as well.


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