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Last week Mark and I went on a bit of a road trip but we were chased by the rain. As we climbed up the hill from Lynmouth onto Exmoor the sun came out. I snapped this on my iPhone as we carried on climbing to the top of the moor.  
I used Snapseed to tune the image, and used loads of drama and saturation. I then used a new app that Terri from Photographically Speaking recommended last week called LetterGlow to add my own word art.

Here is another image from the same road trip inside the stables at Arlington Court where I hid from the torrential rain.  Once again Snapseed is my friend !!!

Wordart by Anna Aspnes

Why don’t you join up with Barb ?

Keeping With The Times

13 thoughts on “APP HAPPY EDITION

  1. So simple but so effective and that is the best kind of app in my opinion just so wonderful Viv you are a master and the landscape is just to die for well not really die for but you know what I mean. 🙂


  2. That landscape is fantastic and the words are so inspiring! I have to get LetterGlow right now!! Thank you, Viv for joining in with “app” happy wednesday!


  3. Wow, these are amazing Viv! I too love the first photo and edits, with your wonderful words…so true. Love, love the second photo…I can imagine sitting there. Quiet and comforting!


  4. These are lovely, Viv! Isn't it funny … Snapseed fever hasn't caught me, I may have to try again. And I definitely need to check out Letterglow.


  5. Oh, Viv, this is absolute perfection! Don't you love LetterGlow? I'm a bit obsessed, being a word art junkie! I agree with Barbara, you are a master at landscapes. Always a treat for the eyes!


  6. Hi Viv- the two images are so strikingly different-but in good ways. Love the text on your 1st image. What a beautiful perspective on that hill. And I love the mood in that 2nd image. Beautiful work.


  7. These are lovely. You've been much more adventurous with letter glow than me – I must mix my fonts up a bit! Love the second shot especially, beautiful tones and great word art.


  8. Love your image Viv..and very nice use of the app letter glow..I'm going to look that one up.Hope your enjoying your weekend…we are still waiting for the sun…but the trees are budding…thank goodness.


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