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I am following the light around my house as an exercise for Kim’s Class. Over the last two years I have been trying various techniques and work rounds in my quest to find enough light, especially in the winter months. I nearly always use my trusty Manfrotto , my hands tend to shake so in low light conditions it is wonderful. We have a wooden floor in the hall and I can create either a lovely moody shot on the floor or set up my white chair, drape some fabric and let the light shine through.

Our sunroom on the back of the house is definitely the best for light but sometimes I find the results a bit flat, so again fabric hanging on my clothes airer helps me get that soft hazy light.

Supplies by Anna Aspnes.

11 thoughts on “S2F-2- FOLLOW THE LIGHT

  1. Im doing the same thing and also looking for things to diffuse light coming in some windows. My blinds wont work I dont think.. and I have gone to the airy look of no drapes. Less up keep .:)


  2. Love to follow your trip for searching the light , i always struggle finding the right light. When i woke up this morning, i thought for a minute if i should move my north facing bedroom to the south facing studio and vice versa , but thats to crazy , hmmm ?


  3. I love what you are doing for following the light …. I have renovations going on in many of my rooms, so when a room becomes vacant even for a few hours I dive in!!! But really like your post on following the light.


  4. Each is just awesome, the pumpkin on that super gorgeous floor (I want) is way cool, and I you really know how to work that light to your advantage in every way. Love each one so much Viv.


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