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Green is everywhere, the rain has created a lush, verdant countryside. The garden is beginning to come to life.  Buds, raindrops and sap.  I love this dress rehearsal for Summer. I decided to create a layout to display my Friday Find….

Supplies from sahlinstudio and Christy Vanderwall my sticker.


  • Going to see Jim Moray on Monday so excited ….
  • Kim’s new course Start to Finish Round 2 (or s2f-2 for short lol) is fab.
  • I’m becoming even more app obsessed thanks to Barb Brookbank over at Keeping with the Times
  • Feeling happier about my creativity, thanks to s2f we had to journal our intentions and that helped a lot.

Background kk_canvasback
  • Listening to Radical Face a bit like the Decemberists love it although the video is a bit strange.

Have a creative and happy weekend.

                                                         Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. Lovely photo montages, Viv. I'm appreciating the greenery these days as well, but I'd just like to be able to do it without getting soaked so frequently. Fingers crossed for some sunshine. Bonny


  2. your props and your intentions – all so good! I did not sign up for start to finish…only so many hours in the day…but I did sign up for be still 52 so looking forward to my daily dose of kim and all the others like yourself that I have come to admire and learn from…


  3. Happy Friday, Viv! Your layouts are wonderful! So glad Kim's class {should that be klass?} is inspiring you to such beauty-making. And yes, green is definitely the color in our neck of the woods right now, too. It's beautiful … and I hope we're still green in August.


  4. Im in love with your layout. Stunning.. Your lists too.. Im making mine also and tucking them away. What an amazing world of creative people to belong too. Happy Friday


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