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My friend Barb at Keeping with the Times is starting a new link called App Happy Wednesday I am so happy to be linking up with this as I’m an app happy blogger….

So here is my first link up. Early morning dew on a Tulip leaf. I took the photo with Pro Camera 7 my favourite camera app. Imported then into Snapseed to be tweaked, Stackables to add some lovely layers of grunge and texture then Handwriter to add text. I think my only beef with Stackables is the low resolution, it is fine for web based but not for printing.

The second image is taken into Pic Grunger scratched and textured with canvas, a border added then I imported into Phonto and added my text….

Are you going to join up ?

Keeping With The Times

21 thoughts on “APP HAPPY EDITION

  1. Very fun outcome that you have here. I often print these up in a small format and use them in my journaling , often with some gesso on top. They are perfect and add to my artsiness. so much fun!


  2. Wonderful Viv! I love that scratched canvas effect. I've never used Phonto but I'm going to have a look. Thank you for linking up to “app” happy wednesday and thank you for the shout-out!


  3. Really lovely to see these transform, I didn't' know that about stackables but good thing to know. I have liked using this app so I will watch it from now on and hope they will come out with a fix.


  4. Such a good photo- especially for an iPhone! I will have to see if I have that camera app- I tend to use the regular app or Camera+. And I am might get PicGrunger just for that canvas texture (kind of obsessed with canvas textures lately)- so lovely on this shot. You did beautiful work here!


  5. This is beautiful Viv! I love the canvas image and am writing down all the apps I'm reading about today. I'm totally clueless!! My share is rather generic but that's how we begin……at the beginning, right? LOL


  6. Amazing photos, Viv. I just wouldn't know where to begin with all the studio work and the apps. I'm a run-of-the-mill point, click and hope for the best sort of gal. Bonny


  7. Two lovely images……I now need to go and check out those apps, thank you.Love that background….did you achieve that with Pro camera 7? (Or was it just dark out there 😉 )


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