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‘Twas on one April morning, just as the sun was rising
‘Twas on one April morning, I heard the small birds sing
They were singing Lovely Nancy, for love it is a fancy,
And how sweet were the notes that I heard the small birds sing.”
( Traditional collected by Priscilla Wyatt-Edgel from Mr R Bryant, Cowley, Exeter, Devon)
I have saturated myself this week in still life and spring flowers.
My Friday find is some lovely linen cloths.  It is sold as ‘scrim’ ( a strong, coarse fabric, chiefly used for heavy-duty lining or upholstery) it is supposed to be used for window cleaning but not by me ! I do blame Kim for this so many lovely things to look at on her Pinterest boards ! Linen being a natural fabric adds a lovely colour and texture to my still life photography.
Some beautiful Spring flowers appearing in the garden now, whites, yellows and blues so subtle and simple.
Digital supplies by Rosie Posey @ Scrapbook Graphics


Some random facts

  • A certain person has started practising packing for New Zealand, how do you get so much in a rucksack !
  • So far I have resisted Easter eggs .
  • I get so much joy from simple Spring flowers.
  • The periwinkle in the garden needs a machete to keep it under control !
  • Particularly loving this from Jim Moray 


Kim Klassen dot Com


Have a lovely holiday weekend hope you get some Easter eggs …..


  1. Thanks so much for the addition of the lovely April Morning music. What a lovely start to my day! Love your use of linen, and the digital mixed media art works are stunning. Your combinations of words/poetry, images and textures – and the music, too – a feast for the senses!


  2. oh my gosh….. the fabric…. the scrim….is PERFECT… your sweet gentle images…. my gosh… lovely.adore the added text….and your layouts are always so lovely….happy easter dear friend…. xo


  3. The linen you've found is gorgeous, Viv !Pretty spring flowers … and your layout is wonderful … as always !I've already eaten a lot of Easter eggs …couldn't resist :-(Happy Easter,Sylvia


  4. Your Friday's finds are my favorites…and oh the song…I'm listening now…I love Jim Moray…but don't know this one…might have to steal it…Such a beautiful lay-out throughout your post…the tiny purple flowers, the text with it's curve and the linen…I must have missed the memo on that but I will find me some soon…so glad to home amongst all of you again…Happy Easter Viv…enjoy the day. xoxo


  5. *sigh* Such beauty! The “scrim” I have…actual linen…is evenweave I use for crosstitch. I'm going to have to look for some for photographing. I am so torn…I can't decide which I love most…your photography or your digital scrapping. I'll call it a draw! Both exquisite!


  6. Just catching up – hope you had a relaxing long weekend – it has flown by far too quickly for me. I'm loving the spring flowers too – they seem to be popping up all over the garden after the neutral colours of winter.


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