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Where has the week gone ? I feel as if time is racing, the clocks have changed, the days are longer and I feel as if I have actually done less !  On the 2sF connect this week we talked about props and oh how we all love props. Part of the fun is the hunt for that special something , sometimes a treasure is found in the most unexpected places.  So, I decided to take some images with my iPhone of some of my treasures.  Memories of wonderful holidays, little pieces of paper, tissue, tape it is all pinned on my boards.  The 2 signs are my daughters ( she has her Mothers’ taste !) I am keeping looking after them until she returns from her big adventure. So I don’t have one find this week I have lots of finds ! Oh by the way I discovered that Lightroom has a camera calibration for Apple iPhones how cool is that ! But why oh why isn’t there a setting for Panasonic cameras !!!!

The weather is set fair in my part of the world this week do you have plans ? We have to clear out the garage ( no mean feat) to squeeze in more of Jo’s furniture from her flat.

Here she is on moving day with her brother Tom and best friends Tobie and Geha.

Whatever you are doing have fun ……

My Random 5 for this week hmmmm…

I have made some of my own workflow presets in Lightroom I love them.

Nothing better than a clear blue sky with pink blossom

Yellow Tulips are really hard to photograph .

I love using fabric in my photographs (see above)

I have just received my latest Blurb book, and I’m delighted



                                                                  Kim Klassen dot Com



  1. What a great collection of treasures! We cleaned out our garage a couple of weeks ago, not fun while doing it, but rewarding once completed. We are having good spring weather this weekend also, but no real plans yet…


  2. Oh, I love the photos of the kids ready to leave the nest and fly on their own. They look so comfortable on their own skin, confident, and not self-conscious at all – great memory!


  3. Viv, your photos are really elegant. Moving day looks so natural, so happy, so relaxed. And your yellow tulips with the linen and the little drop of water is beautiful. Bonny


  4. Well looks like you were busy while I was on the other side of the “pond”…I love your Blurb book and it's on my list of things to get done now that I plan on staying home for awhile…Props are fun…I never used to do them but now I have the bug…Spring is here but the wind is fierce…hope your weather and week are wonderful…hmmm, three W words there…LOL


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