Simple ‘for the love of’ my babies………
Jo and Tom x

Processed in Lightroom, using Pretty Presets Rock n Roll. Then into Photoshop I applied 2 layers of Kim’s Just A Touch one at soft light (59%) and darken (43%) and brushed off the textures on Jo and Tom.

Jo is off to New Zealand on May 8th for up to a year and Tom starts his new ‘ grown up’ job on Monday.


  1. This picture is perfect – so honest and genuine and heartfelt. Great choice to edit to sepia/toned as all the distractions are removed and we only see the connection between these two and you the picture-maker.


  2. Ahhh nice to see your babes but babes no more, bet you are tearful to see Jo go for so long and a new adventure for Tom to begin as well as Jo. Perfect image Viv.


  3. No matter what age, they are always babes in a mother's eyes, aren't they? Lovely processing of such a sweet shot.Visiting from Texture Tuesday


  4. Wonderful photo Viv! Beautiful children too. How exciting for both of them! I keep forgetting to tell you that I am reading a book by the author you shared as one of your favorites; Sarah Allison Allen..The girl who chased the moon. I love it! What a wonderful storyteller. Thank you so much for introducing her to me.


  5. You captured personality in this photo! And the texture edit enhances it. Your babies look like they are lots of fun. And yes, they are always our “babies,” I agree.


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