Photoheart Connection – March

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“Each of us has an equal amount of Shadow and Light buried in our souls. What makes us different is how much Shadow we choose to suppress, and how much Light we choose to show.”

― Taylor Chackowsky


My Photo Heart Connection this month is all about change, this makes me sad and reflective.  Shadows and light, moving from the shadows into the light, a reawakening.  My life is going through this change in so many ways.  My son is starting  his first ‘proper’ job after a long battle with illness and little formal education.  A daughter who is still finding her way, her place, illness a breakup and now a long journey.

Although I am so excited for them both it is going to be a challenge to let them go.  They live in the same town I talk to my daughter every day and now they are entering a new phase in their lives and I must let them fly.

So now my focus has to change , after breast cancer and now Fibromyalgia my focus must be on getting stronger and healthier.  To stop being afraid of change to banish the shadows and look for the light.

“The thing about shadows is that they’re not all darkness. You need to have light to have shadows. So just look for it.”
― A, Meredith Walters


10 thoughts on “Photoheart Connection – March

  1. This is beautiful and a lovely PHC. Change is so hard and you have a lot of it going on, but let your children fly they will always return to you. I hope you will feel lighter soon


  2. Your quotes bring to mind something I like to remember… Without shadows, we would not appreciate the light. Change is difficult, but it sounds like you are heading toward the light. Your image is gorgeous and really supports your words. I see layers of meaning in it, when I read your post. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.


  3. This is very poignant and something I can relate to. It’s hard to see our kids leave the nest, especially if we’re worried about how they’ll get on (and aren’t we always?). It inevitably means our relationships with them will change, but that can be a good thing. They will grow and so will you. I wish you peace and health.
    I almost forgot to mention – I LOVE this image. Look at how those straight lines of light and shadow turn into a beautiful spiral in the bowl. It’s magic!


  4. Touching post and beautiful photo. Change is not always easy but allows us to move forward someway or another. Often we find difficult to accept it but acording to my experience it´s better flowing with change (or deal with it) than fighting against it. Wonderful photo-heart connection


  5. Dear Viv, Love to you. Letting kids go is so hard. You just do not know when to correct and when to let them see the corrections. I have always sensed that you are a strong woman from the first time we classed together. Best wishes for all and great health to you. I will fill in the form to view this blog.


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