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This week I have collated my classes and my Friday Find into this layout. I created my own workflow presets in Lightroom following Kim’s tips in Beyond Beyond I love that I can do this ! In fact I’m going to create more depending on my image so I will have a soft vintage set and also a grungy high clarity set and so on.

I looked for the light in my house and found some in the downstairs bedroom,  I played with different angles and moved my beloved Manfrotto around as the light was low, we have so many grey days.  Supplies by Anna Aspnes, Dawn Inkskip, Agnes Biro and Gina Cabrera.

Onto Random 5,

  • Just finished “Shadow of Night” by Deborah Harkness part 2 in the trilogy of All Souls series. I love the Tudor period I studied it at college and it continues to fascinate.
  • I loathe ironing enough said.
  • We have decided to go to the Shrewsbury Folk Festival this year staying in the wonderful historic town for 3 nights I’m looking forward to lots of photography oh and Bellowhead are playing !!!
  • I am addicted to Shetland the detective series currently being shown on BBC 1 not only are the stories good but the scenery 
  • Wherever I am now I am constantly looking for photo opportunities !

Have a sunny weekend …..

                                                             Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. I love the glow of yellow forsythia especially in the early morning light. Ironing – yuck… avoid where possible! And Shrewsbury – lucky you – I love the atmosphere of events like this. I'm still annoyed that I missed Bellowhead at Gawsworth Hall last summer. Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Oh Viv, this is just really lovely!! You know, I always love your collage pages, and this is is just beautiful. The long yellow bloom is just perfectly simple, and so pretty! I may be the only woman that enjoys ironing…something about a wrinkled piece of cloth and steaming and starching it to look pretty.


  3. woo hoo… love that you are working on workflow presets!!! makes me so happy….your layout..your photos… beautiful… have a wonderful weekend lovely friend…. xo


  4. I love, love, love your collage and the *simplicity* of that last capture! Perfect! I've always thought forsythia blooms were such a cheerful announcement for spring.


  5. Love your collage and your last image! The petal was the perfect place for the word Simplify. I read the first book in the All Souls series, I really liked it. I think the third one comes out this summer, I need to read the second one soon.I don't iron either, although I did use my curling iron today to 'iron' the collar on my shirt. 🙂


  6. Your forsythia collage is so bright and cheerful! I still need to tackle Lightroom and hearing that you are making progress encourages me! Ill try to check out the BBC show you mention – love a good detective story.


  7. so lovely, I need to get back to that tutorial and review it over again, I just loved the gradient one she did and thought wow. I never fully understood that tool and still don't so I need to review it several times. I love what you have done. I so love BBC and that looks like a good show, It will take a while before it gets to us but will keep it in mind when I see it that you recommended it.


  8. Love your collage, so pretty ! I've viewed the videos, but have yet to try to make workflow presets ! Enjoy Shrewsbury 🙂 I'm going to check out the series Shetland, hopefully it will be shown here soon.


  9. Awe inspiring collage. I hope to see more. I have read the All Souls Series, book 3 is due out this summer. Noticed BBC has some really good series out. Had not heard of Shetland, will see if it is available on Hulu.


  10. Wonderful collage! I must confess that every once in a while I actually enjoy ironing, especially if it is for someone I love and it's for a special event for them. Have a great week!


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