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Well I had a completely different idea for my Friday Find this week, but this little beauty popped through my letterbox. To set the story I have had a long love affair with everything Somerset, Studio that is – I happen to live in Somerset so that can be confusing ! I first discovered the magazines on a trip to Boston way back in 2006 in a Barnes and Noble. It was love at first sight.  We have nothing like this in the UK and I was spellbound. But like a few things, Vera Bradley, Bath and Bodyworks and Barnes and Noble to name a few, it is very difficult and VERY expensive to have items shipped, and in the case of VB, B&BW not available at all.  So for a few years I paid a subscription but now the emphasis has changed it’s digital all the way. So when I had an email from Somerset Studio about their new publication I had to have it and it was worth the money and the wait…

If you love digital and want to have a sugar over load check it out (BTW I’m not being sponsored by the publishers’).

Onto Random 5

* Rediscovering Van Morrison that man is sublime he has even written a song called ‘Somerset’

* Feeling a little sad Jo is off to New Zealand in a month I have butterflies….
* My Blurb book is almost finished I am going to start another one it’s the way to go for memory keeping for me.
* My baby has turned 25 I can’t believe it !!!! Happy Birthday Tom xxxx

* I love Sarah Addison Allen my favourite so far is “The Girl who Chased the Moon” delightful.

Do you have a favourite author ?

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and with Nancy    

Have a sunny weekend …..


  1. I've always had a thing for Van the man's music. I can't remember his Somerset track, but I'll go investigate it on Spotify later this morning. I love the real Somerset, where you live – hope you escaped the flooding on the Levels. Haven't read Sarah Addison Allen, but I'll be checking her out later in the morning as well. At the moment I'm really enjoying Salman Rushdie's children's book, Luka and the Fire Bird, which I'm reading with my 8 year-old son. Rushdie is so very playful in the way he weaves the dull everyday into the world of magic; computer games become portals through which the child is transported to a parallel reality where anything is possible – kind of almost true in the best traditions of Magical Realism. And then there's the silly fun of Luka's pets: a dog named Bear and a bear named Dog. Have a lovely weekend, Bonny


  2. good morning Viv … yes I so agree with you about the magazine… some things are sooo worth the wait! Happy Birhtday to your dear son … how do they grow up so fast? Mine will be 32 and 30 this year and I just can not believe it … sigh


  3. Happy Birthday to your son! Sarah Addison Allen is one of my favorite authors too. Have you read her new one, The Lost Lake , yet? I am on the waiting list at the local library. I can wait to read it.


  4. Thanks for the Somerset Studio link. I always love eye candy! 😉 My baby turned 26 on her last birthday and I can't even comprehend how she got that old so quickly! I tend to gravitate to John Grisham novels when I pick up a good read.


  5. Spent a lovely two years on your green, green island and miss it to this day. Although I may have a access to paper copies of 'Somerset' I must say that I would far prefer the option to toodle through your English gardens instead … there's always trade offs, I suppose. Nice to “meet” you! [visiting via Kim's Friday group].


  6. Love Van Morrison too. 25…wow! My little boy is going off to college this year. Tough one. I know I'll miss him so much. My favorite author is Richard Russo.


  7. Eye candy and sugar rushes are the best! Happy Birthday to your son( we have kids about the same age) I don't have a favorite author…just good ones! (snort!) Happy Weekend Viv!


  8. Love the Somerset magazines ( although I only have one ! ) , so lovely to look through now and then. Happy Birthday to your son 🙂 I know how hard it's going to be for you when your daughter leaves, will be thinking of you x


  9. I love visiting your Friday Fiends Viv. Always so interesting. I'll look that publication up, listen to your music and try to finish my Finds and I'm dying to try a Blurb book.Thanks always, for inspiring.


  10. Hi Viv, which publication is this? I love Somerset's stuff too but it's too expensive to have it shipped. I wish they would follow the example of the Cloth Paper Scissors publications who sensibly produce both paper and digital versions. I would still prefer to have the paper version 'though :-)Carol aka traveller


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