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I seem to have let my blog get away from me, apologies to all that have commented recently, the mojo faded away, but hopefully it is slowly returning. It’s amazing how unsettled I can get with a break in my routine….

So the prompt from Kim’s this week was quiet. A few weeks ago I set up a little still life and the photo below is one taken from that shoot. Soft diffused light through my bedroom window and some light texturing using Waterfront 28. I love conjuring up little stories from my photographs. Do your images ‘speak’ to you ?

P.S. A lovely font from Font Squirrel called Windsong
Hopefully by Friday I may be feeling more creative ( I better be !)

32 thoughts on “TEXTURE TUESDAY – QUIET

  1. Your image is definitely “quiet.” It's also beautiful. I know the feeling of “lost mojo” or whatever it is—-just trying to keep up is much of it. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  2. I love the still life you assembled. Great choice of items and pretty light. I posted about taking a break as well today. Not sure what it is about that final month of winter than calls for a little time away. I'm glad your mojo is coming back!


  3. This is lovely…just to see the lace and soft light is uplifting. I can feel the quiet and the sense the beauty, maybe of a time gone by…Great quote and thanks for the link to the font…Have a wonderful day..


  4. My blog mojo leaves from time to time as well. I think it runs off to play with my muse. 🙂 This is a lovely still life. I can feel the softness of each of the items. You did a masterful job of capturing the prompt in a beautifully subtle way.


  5. You will be surprised when your creative spirit returns with great fervor – as it always does. In the meantime, how wonderful that you spent time carefully arranging, photographing, and editing this lovely image with it's soft and quiet tones. Lovely.


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