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Ok lots of photography this week with s2f and 2B I’m really spoilt. But that is another blog post….

My find this week, my lovely new mug (groaning from Mark off camera, ‘not another mug’) and a sweet little mouse pin cushion I bought in Bath, from The Makery, check them out HERE.   It is full of gorgeous bits n pieces. Whenever I go to Bath this is the first shop I head to. Also I’ve started Tiffany Tillman’s class Title Express and I’m learning so much I highly recommend it.

So cute.

Ok onto Random 5

  • Loving True Detective and the music. Thank you Mr T Bone Burnett and The Handsome Family…

The best opening credits I have seen for a long time.

  • Sometimes I find myself not blinking when I am on the computer and working in Photoshop!

  • I am reading An Anatomy of Murder by Imogen Robertson a great series set in the 1780’s 
  • The garden is coming to life,  everyday more things are shooting, unfurling and sprouting.

  • I’ve moved my computer downstairs onto the dining table it means I can look out of the window at the garden ( I have a very patient and forgiving husband).

Have a sunny and happy weekend…..

                                   Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. Gorgeous photos! I think it's always great to have a window to look out of while sitting at the computer – good for the eyes to change focus regularly…A great Random 5 and have a happy Friday 🙂


  2. good morning Viv … or is it evening by you? You have to love a new mug and a favorite shoppe … they go hand in hand! Looks like you and your computer have found the perfect “home” … a place to watch spring come to life! We are still under many feet of snow … but i just have to believe that those springtime flowers are sleeping down there … have a wonderful weekend!


  3. These photos are just delightful and inspiring Viv! Yes, the view from your computer is just wonderful!! And the rock garden…sigh! Love your mug, and mouse. I just ordered a new wooly bully pin cushion last night. Yesterday I found some daffodil leaves coming through the pine mulch – it won't be long now. Love your view and finds this week!


  4. The flowers are beautiful, so glad the gardens are coming (or will be soon) back to life. I looked at the video for the class you are taking, it does look good. Your mug and mouse are very cute, it is the little things…


  5. i have my laptop at the kitchen table so that i can look into the garden — lovely — and the light is good! love your new mug and the little mouse. i love seeing what everyone is reading. happy friday!


  6. These are lovely. I have my computer looking out at the garden too. 🙂 I'm looking forward to watching True Detective – it's waiting for me on the sky plus. Have a great weekend.


  7. Such a grand list of random things! Wow! Love that you moved your computer downstairs for the view. That is awesome. And the mug … I love it! But your husband sounds like mine. And you sound like me, just ignoring him. Have a lovely weekend, Viv.


  8. The mug and mouse are adorable. And your bright purple flowers look like Spring! It's nice that you can set up your computer so you can look outside as the new season arrives.


  9. Hi Viv, are you enjoying 'Anatomy of a Murder'? I've read her 'Island of Bones', which was ok-ish. I enjoyed the setting. She was great on recreating the Lake District, but I found her characterisation a bit strained. There were one or two characters that I just didn't believe in. Love your mug n' mouse combintation. I will definitely try out your favourite shop next time I'm in Bath (wonderful, wonderful city). Have a great weekend, Bonny x @ just saying …


  10. Great post Viv….I especially like the aubretia photo. Such a gorgeous colour!Great idea to watch your garden transform whilst you work…..that's why I spend so much time in my conservatory (mainly iPad and stitching


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