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I love vintage cameras but like a lot of things they have become very collectable, and so I was thrilled a year or so ago when I came across two beauties at my local antique market.  After haggling a bit I managed to beat him down and I brought them home.  They are such a work of art, an example of quieter times when it wasn’t a race to get things done – you took your time and appreciated the outcome.

Textured with Kim’s  3101 and a wonderful quote from Henri Cartier Bresson.

25 thoughts on “TEXTURE TUESDAY – FREE & EASY

  1. such a beauty but i would have no idea where to begin with this beauty. Guess it would be fun to try though. such a powerful image and good for you in taking this baby home with you a real find.


  2. Good for you, Viv! I'm glad you were able to take this beauty home. “…quieter times… when you took your time and appreciated the outcome.” Love this… it is still obtainable – and teachable!


  3. A wonderful image Viv (and a great find!) You've reminded me that there's one in my mothers loft that belonged to my late father….I must get up there and have a look.


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