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I love digital scrapbooking and I also love art journaling, but I’m not so keen on the sticky, messy hands on type mainly because I don’t have the room for it anymore. As an experiment I thought I would deconstruct one of my layouts. My challenge was to only use items from one kit and not to chop and change using other kits, this will be difficult as I love to add elements from other kits.
The kit I decided to use for this challenge was Captivated Visions ‘another man’s treasure’  see it HERE
Choosing a background is always difficult, so many choices, patterned or plain ? textured or smooth ?
I sometimes start with a transparent background add all my elements then add a background bringing colour and texture in as needed.
But for this layout I started with a plain background , I duplicated it and changed the blend mode and the opacity. Moving on I added one layer of background paper then another, the second one I inverted and changed to black and white adjusting the levels, blend and opacity. This is very much a matter of personal taste. See the screen shot below for more details.
This is where the fun begins ! I usually begin by building up layers of brushes rotating them and choosing colours to complement the major pieces. I sometimes just stamp the .png file then colour them as a layer fill.
I often will create a stencil/stamp effect using an element such as a piece of lace or a doily. To create the effect command and click on the layer to get marching ants add a blank layer above and stamp on that layer with a suitable brush I used Tangie Baxter’s Misty Mister brushes see HERE, you can lower the opacity to get a more faded look.  
To finish add more elements such as stitching and word art I add drop shadows for a more realistic look.
The Finished layout
I hope you enjoyed this look into the way I work i’m hoping to maybe deconstruct once a month.

6 thoughts on “DECONSTRUCT

  1. Viv the end result was amazing but it looks so time consuming but isn't every thing we do…LOL…I love how you were able to share the process with us…You are really very talented.


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