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It’s been a week of rain, rain and then gale force winds. The West Country has been lashed with storms. So I’m pleased that the weekend is almost here but, more rain to come. Creativity has been a little low, light has been non existent.

So I have been researching some new books to read. I used a website called Lovereading it’s bit like Goodreads. I used to work in a bookshop it was my dream job, we used to meet book reviewers and representatives from the publishing houses, sigh… it was wonderful. One of those book reviewers now helps to run Lovereading.

So here are my Friday Finds. A list of books that are waiting to be devoured.

Wake by Anna Hope :
A story set after the Great War as The Unknown Soldier is carried back to be buried in Westminster Abbey we are told the story of three different women and how their lives will interconnect.

 Secrets of Life and Death :
An urban fantasy that moves back and forwards between 1585 and the present day.


The Name of the Wind : Patrick Rothfuss: A wonderful start to a trilogy ,  probably the best fantasy book I have ever read, and believe me I am fussy ! I’m reading it on my iPad as it’s huge.

Some random thoughts:

Why do people snowboard ? I caught a bit on TV from Sochi it’s scary I pity their parents.

Audio books are wonderful they keep me company I’m listening to Entry Island by Peter May fabulous.

I have a mug obsession ….

Digital scrapbookers and designers are so generous.

I am continuing to love Art Journaling digitally….

Digital supplies by Tangie Baxter, Nancie Rowe Janitz and Captivated Visions.

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What are you reading ?

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30 thoughts on “FRIDAY ~

  1. Fabulous images …. thank you for the reading tips …. I off now to check them out. Your digital work looks so amazing. Could you please send some of your rain our way. We are about to go into total fire ban this week end due to heat, wind and dry conditions.


  2. Your art journal is beautiful. Digital is wonderful. Snow boarding is scary to me too. I have a lot of mugs maybe an obsession I am not sure yet still working on it:) B


  3. I'm in the middle of a Jodi Picoult novel and will be looking for something new soon. Thanks for the recommendations. And thanks for joining in R5F this week.


  4. Thanks for the reading list! I've not read any of those and shall have to check them out. I do hope your monsoon season soon ends. Small wonder you love art journaling … you're so good at it! I'm glad it's Friday, too. But we're getting more snow tonight. *sigh* What a season it's been, everywhere


  5. Your digital journaling is wonderful. I love reading lists — thanks for yours. I like watching the Olympics — snowboarding looks way too dangerous. I'll take some of your rain … we have been slipping back into drought. Happy Friday!


  6. good morning Viv…so sorry to hear about all your rain. The weather all over the world seems to much…to much rain, snow, drought, cold…thank you for sharing your reading list…i think a Nook is my near future…so i love all the recommendations!


  7. Long bouts of rainy weather is so depressing but at leaf you don't have to shovel it. We've been having snow day after snow day and it's really piling up. I've just been getting the hang of digital art and Tangie and Captivated Visions are 2 of my favorites. Your page is lovely.


  8. It's amazing how this winter has affected all of us in different ways! We've been under a burn ban for dry conditions until this week. We did get some relief rain! I love the quotes in both of your images and love your artwork; so beautiful!


  9. I'm thinking snowboarding sounds better now that my son said he wants to sky dive! haha UMMMM, NO! 😉 I have to tell you that I love your digital scrapbooking, I may have to look into that some day, looks just a great but without all the supplies to store.


  10. I would have been trying snowboarding if I were a kid, or even a young adult and was someplace I could…just looks like a blast to me. That book title The Name of the Wind…oh, how appealing that is.


  11. You worked in a bookstore? That is something I know I would love! My kids snowboard on black diamonds. I pray for their safety 🙂 Happy reading this weekend!


  12. Greetings Viv … Saturday morning here 5:50. At the airport heading to warmer climate and sun. I feel so bad about all the rain you are getting but your book pile looks lovely.Your Friday find post are always so interesting. Enjoy the weekend.


  13. Oh you have given me such wonderful things to investigate from your books to your art journaling. I can imagine what a dream job that was to work in a bookstore. I like a good fantasy ever once in a while, will definitely check out the book recommendations and that new book site too!!


  14. I've read The Name of the Wind and yes, it was very good. Have you read the Game of thrones series by George R Martin? brilliant and epic. I've just finished reading Shantaram by Gregory Roberts – a wonderful read, especially if you've been to India.I'm loving the AJC2014 too (cabelcat).


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