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The world of texturing and layering is magic to me, using different textures with different blending techniques can convey such different effects. Add in Lightroom and RadLab and other plugins the sky’s the limit.

Here is the original photo straight out of the camera
Next processed in Lightroom run through RadLab and then two of Kim’s textures, Aurora and hsh. I also added a script bush.
Lastly, processed in Lightroom then a layer of Aurora.
I think each has their own qualities I prefer the black and white. Do you have a favourite ?

22 thoughts on “TEXTURE TUESDAY

  1. You are so right each has it's own niceness about it and I like all of them. So fun to play around with different ones that is where Kim has really brought all of us into the the art of seeing hasn't she. Really soft and lovely Viv.


  2. I love how each image with the different textures applied makes for a very unique image while maintaining the beauty of the image! Vintage and lace are difficult to mess up though. Lovely shots!


  3. I saw your link on FB and couldn't wait to get over here to see your post! These are beautiful and I love the use of Scrabble letters for the word. It's a tough call, I like them all, but maybe the top, it seems so 'vintage'.


  4. Oh, I really love all of them.But my secret favorit is the middle image!What difference different layers make! Wow,The black/white is also pretty!The idea with the scrabble letters is great! Thanks!Best, Brigitte


  5. I love the black and white one…if you added “All Hell Breaks Loose” texture (one of my faves) from Shadowhouse Creations (FREE by the way) it would have really antiqued it. But delightful just the same. xo


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