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Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside

I do like to be beside the sea!

I do like to stroll along the Prom, Prom, Prom!

Where the brass bands play:


So just let me be beside the seaside

I’ll be beside myself with glee

And there’s lots of girls beside,

I should like to be beside

Beside the seaside!

Beside the sea!
There is something special about the seaside in Winter. I like desolation and cold breezy walks along the prom. Weston – Super-Mare is a traditional British seaside resort and it really is deserted. We have had such a wet Winter so far complete with flooding and downed trees that to manage to avoid the rain is quite a feat.  This is North Somerset and is quite well known for it’s high tidal range which gives a sandy beach but also mudflats that can be dangerous.  But in the Summer it is full of holiday makers with donkey rides, candy floss and slot machines.

Weston became popular during the Victorian period when the Bank Holiday was introduced to give workers a 3 day weekend  and a pier was built to help to entertain them .  The Pavilion at the end of the pier burnt down in 2008 and was completely destroyed but a new pier was built and reopened in 2012.

We walked along the boardwalk to the end of the pier .
We were almost the only people ….
There are only a few remnants of an earlier time.
I hope you enjoyed my weekend walk, linking with Helen today at The Inspiration Pavilion

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  1. Oh I love the seaside in the winter too – walking along the prom or on the beach with my wellies. I don't like the crowds in summer. Piers are such fascinating structures to photograph – I used to be scared of walking under them when I was little though! So glad that this one was rebuilt – one nearest to us at Colwyn Bay is about to be demolished – such a shame. Thanks so much to linking to my Weekend Walks.


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