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Notes from the Desktop

Friday, the end of the week for many, are you planning something special or, digging in due to extreme weather ?
We are all different we come from different cultures,  different customs and all have different views on how to spend our leisure time. 

So here are my random five on favourite ways to spend a weekend.

Breakfast at Bill’s in Exeter mmm french toast with berries and maple syrup.

Family tea on a Sunday with Mark Jo  and Tom they lead busy lives and to see them together is a treat.

Hiring a DVD and watching with friends.  Our local library has a good selection and many an argument discussion has taken place there on the best film to get.

A good walk at Hestercombe stopping on the way to take photos of anything that catches the eye, followed by a cup of tea and a browse in the garden shop.

Playing on the laptop whilst Mark is on the family MAC reading out snippets from the web, it can be music or film reviews sometimes a piece of news.

So let me know, what is your favourite way to spend a weekend or a day off I would love to hear ?

My Friday Find

 This week is finding that I love abstracts. This week on a trip to the seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare I found inspiration on the pier (more to follow on Sunday with the Weekend Walk). I had plenty of time to compose and play with focus and aperture. I created a layout processing in Lightroom and then Photoshop.

Supplies by Anna Aspnes, Cottage Arts and Kitty Designs. 

Have a great weekend…..

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29 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR PLAN ?

  1. I like your weekend plans. I was thinking about mine. I go to the farmer's market almost every Saturday morning. Then have brunch at a favorite place (the Hobbit). Baseball practice has started so maybe a little time spent watching the guys play. Definitely a walk or two. I'll have to pay attention to my weekend “plans”!


  2. I would be happy with any one of your weekend ideas. I haven't planned anything for this weekend as snow”flurries” are forecast. The last time they said flurries, it snowed for 11 hours. We'll play it by ear.


  3. Your favorite weekends sound wonderful. I have no plans yet this weekend. We are remodeling a little A frame house, so that is probably on the schedule somewhere. I wouldn't mind staying inside in front of the fire with a good book. Enjoy your weekend!


  4. Your weekend sounds yummy Viv! We are planning on going out with the kids tomorrow night. Our little downtown area has an event each first Saturday of the month. This Saturday is the Fire & Ice event. They have beautiful ice sculptures in the streets, hot cocoa, and music. My favorite first Saturday. Then it's SuperBowl time on Sunday night. My team isn't playing, buy a friend is having a party so that will be nice. Enjoy your weekend!


  5. If we could stay awake at night we would watch more movies, I think. There are some great ones coming out in the theatre in February, so maybe we will have to dig ourselves out some more and go see something.


  6. You certainly have some fun ideas for the weekend. I really like the way you composed your Friday Find….well done….We will probably take in a movie and I plan to finish a knitting project.


  7. Your favorite fun things to do sound wonderful! May I come join you? And that kind of abstract is abstract that I like. Great shot! I love spending my weekends with my husband. After a busy work weeks, it's nice just to hang out together, go out to eat, do a little shopping, maybe if the weather's good I can bribe him into chauffeuring me on a photo scavenger hunt!


  8. Adore your abstracts – aren't piers just the best! I don't recall the one at Weston when I visited years ago – did it once burn down? My favourites are similar to all of yours except for the DVDs – I can't sit still long enough to watch them! Hope the rain isn't too heavy for you this weekend – it's looking pretty miserable outside at the moment.


  9. I like the sound of your weekend plans. I'm hoping the sun will come out here so I can take some shadowy photos. I like very much your abstract and I'm feeling the need to do something like it. ;))


  10. Your weekend plans sound quite relaxing. I tend to spend my weekends kicking back, viewing blogs, maybe baking or watching TV, this weekend will be Football of course for the big Super Bowl game.


  11. my kind of weekend Viv…. love the abstracts…..hmmmm… laundry…. some new and some that's been in the laundry room for the past 8 months… :)A friend sent me the entire season 4 of Downton Abbey….thinking about watching several episodes… possibly in bed …. trying to find the studio and gear up for a kinda sorta normal week ahead. enjoy your weekend. xo


  12. LOVELY image and love your random ways of spending the weekend. I enjoy playing with art or scrapbooking while a favorite movie plays on the TV or just snuggling with the furbabies and taking a winter's nap this time of year.


  13. You had me at French toast with berries and syrup! Your creation is delightful. I love the detail of the stitching, and the texture. Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. What a wonderful weekend you have planned Viv…I love how you take lots of fun time for yourself and Mark…Today…I am suppose to be catching up and cleaning up this morning…need to away from this computer…This afternoon I will start packing for our trip next week…3 weeks in St. Maarten…I'm so excited to see sun everyday and be warm…Tonight we are having a pot luck at church and I'm chair of the committee that runs it…going to be good…I think church people are the best cooks…Tomorrow church…and just puttering around…if it's nice, I might take one more venture looking for the Snowy's…have a beautiful weekend Viv…


  15. Oh the grandsons spent the night last night – they are a treat to have around. Now it is raining – nicely – to wash away the last of the ugly snow, just in time for more to come again this weekend. A new non photography project is a baby room layette – crib skirt, bumper pads, quilt, sheet – the works. It'll take me several weeks. I ADORE your abstract image!! Enjoy your weekend Viv!!


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