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‘Lord Bateman was a noble lord.
A noble lord of high degree
He shipped himself aboard a vessel
And said some countries he would see’.

The weeks seem to be zooming by. As this isn’t my favourite time of the year short grey days interspersed with the occasional blue, sunny day I often find myself wishing for warmer days. But as my 59th birthday is hovering in the background I really shouldn’t be wishing my time away.
My main Christmas present this year from Mark was something I had chosen for myself, The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs.

I love History ( I trained as a History teacher) and I love words and music, so this present was a treasure.  Some of my favourite musicians have used these words sometimes with different arrangements but it’s the words that resonate. Here is a link to an arrangement of Lord Bateman by Jim Moray one of my favourite musicians.
Great illustrations and really cheerful chapters ! So many songs were about death, lost love and infidelity 
I can remember Simon and Garfunkel singing ‘Barbara Allan’
Expect to see some art journal pages inspired by some of these songs.
So glad Nancy is back with her Random Five I love reading everyone’s posts.
Random five.
  1. I am enjoying writing ‘small stones‘ this month
  2. Not only do I love watching ‘Sherlock’ on TV but I am loving listening to the audio books of Laurie R King about Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell.
  3. Music I am listening to is Anais Micthell and Jefferson Hamer ‘ The Child Ballards’
  4. I am still searching for the perfect muffin recipe not too sweet and not too calorie laden.
  5. I am sadly really looking forward to NCIS starting in the UK on Friday.

So have you got a good recipe for muffins ? I would love to see it.

Have a great weekend…..

Kim Klassen dot Com

24 thoughts on “A FRIDAY FIND ` CHRISTMAS LOVE….

  1. I am an AVID NCIS fan. Been watching it for a little over 10 seasons now. Sherlock Holmes is a favorite character of my husband's … I'm gonna have to see if I can find this online since we don't have TV anymore [which I like our decision to discontinue cable television]. By the way, your book looks super.


  2. That was a nice little link, Viv enjoyed the song. The images are wonderful and do tell your story of your love of history. I love Sherlock also and have been watching old ones on my ipad. To tell the truth I love anything that is BBC or PBS programming. Just finished watching The Duchess Of Duke Street, oh how I loved that and just like a good book I miss it. Oh and London Hospital is another. I could go on and on. 🙂


  3. I like how you blurred the edges around the Barbara Allen photo. Some NCIS fanatics in my house too! We aren't allowed to talk while the show is on. I realized it was easier for me to just leave the room than try not to talk!


  4. The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs looks like something I would enjoy, too. What a treasure! NCIS — I've watched every season … can't miss it. Looking forward to Sherlock Holmes. If you find the perfect muffin recipe — share!


  5. good morning/afternoon Viv! I just love getting just the right book too! And you photographed them so beautifully… I so know about wishing that time would slow down just a tad…I am one year older than you…I will be turning 60 this year….sigh. As far as a muffin recipe goes, I am afraid I am of no help…so trying to cut out the white flour and sugar. Have a beautiful weekend and may spring come soon!


  6. Viv,Here is wishing you some sunshine and blue sky days! When you talked about your book you reminded me of my Mom. She frequently requests a book she has been eyeballing. I got her a book about sheep and sheep people for that she wanted for Christmas. Last time we talked on the phone she told me how much she is enjoying the book and that she knows or has heard of some of the people in the stories. A happy Mom does my heart good.Here is a link to my Quick Breads, Muffins and Scones page, http://theranchwifechronicles.com/recipes/muffins/ . I am a huge muffin eater. Hope you find something you can enjoy!


  7. I have a birthday hovering in the background as well. Not a milestone, but one that takes me by surprise every time I speak the number out loud! I've grown to love history as I've aged. It's fascinating to me now.Visiting from Friday Finds and R5F


  8. Oh what a nice gift and apparently inspiring as to your beautiful images and journaling. I too am an NCIS fan, altho a bit late in coming. Been a fav in the US for years.


  9. Viv, this book sounds fascinating! I was a history major as well and love reading books about history, biographies, etc. The page you did is just beautiful! Simon and Garfunkel were favorites of mine and I, too, remember 'Barbara Allan'. My husband is hooked on all those CIS shows. Enjoy!


  10. I love how you photographed the pages of your new lovely book with the lace…so Victorian…and isn't it just the best when you get the perfect gift, even if you have to help a bit with it…I so enjoy the time after Christmas just looking through and enjoying the treasurers I got…especially my book…I got 8 new ones…and I'll share about them along the way.Have a beautiful weekend Viv…


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