2B, Beyond Beyond, kim klassen, still life, texture

Oh how I love my Wacom tablet and brushes as well so thanks Kim for this tutorial.

But I am going to have to practice a lot before I get to Kim’s standard.
But I did have fun !!!!
Kim’s second challenge was to take her photo and create our take on it. In Lightroom I slid the saturation down and adjusted the split toning to give it a monochrome effect, I added one of Kim’s textures(3101)  a little heart brush I created and a lovely quote.
Here is my still life featuring one of the lovely bottles I was given for Christmas from my niece , you will see them a lot. I used the light by the front door again and made the image as light as possible. I added a texture (Waterfront 1).
Such a great tutorial I loved getting back to some texture love.

                                                           Beyond Layers

5 thoughts on “BEYOND BEYOND DAY 38

  1. i really like your take on Kim's image Viv, and oh my your image and that bottle is just stunning. Gorgeous edit. I still need to get to this tutorial on beyond/beyond.


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