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Have I said recently how much I love Lightroom ? And, all the clever and generous people who design and quite often give away their presets and templates. I do try to create my own but sometimes  I just can’t get it right. So thank you everyone.  One such person is Kim and now she is giving away free textures via Pinterest check them out HERE
Last week as we were getting ready to leave the house I noticed raindrops hanging from a branch twig in our neighbour’s garden I dashed back inside to get my camera. Snap snap and later into Lightroom I delved. some of my favourite sets of presets are by Dave Delnea who you can find at Craft and Vision ,  James Brandon is the other .
Lightroom. ‘Toy camera- light leaks (free from Photography Concentrate).
In Photoshop I added Kim’s texture ‘Terri’ at soft light- opacity 69%, and just brushed off the texture from the leaves. 
I just love this quote,
 Image processed in Lightroom. Using James Brandon’s ‘Nostalgia’ preset.


  1. You are a wealth of info Viv, I never knew that Photography Concentrate had presets. thanks so much for all the info will have to check all of this out. Love the new header with the use of Kim's brushes. Love that little heart so much. The images you did are just too cool with the different effects and I so love love, love that second one so much just specks volumes to me as outstanding. Both are gosh wonderful in it's own way but that one is my #1 favorite.


  2. In Kim's words, LR is genius, and I so agree. Lovely images in two versions! I'm a fan of presets, and mostly use Kim's, but always like to check out new ones. Thank you so much for the new links!! Have a wonderful week!


  3. These are both so lovely. The color of the first one is stunning. I haven't tried presets in Lightroom yet. I do love the ease of editing with it. So quick and flexible. I see I should learn about these presets. Thank you for the links!


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