14 in 2014, digital scrapping, heartwork, journal, kim klassen

Hmmm not easy is it to think of 14 …..

This is such a great idea I might even fill a jar with hopes and dreams…..

I thought I would design a page that I can print out,  maybe 4×6 so I can pin it up on my pin board.
Mark and I are already arguing discussing the idea of a blog/website.
Have you thought of your 14 ? Hop over to Kim’s blog and see more…..


22 thoughts on “FOURTEEN

  1. This is a great list and far more daring than mine…so you are already on your way to accomplishing #5! And do fly on your own…I have flown from Singapore to the US several times alone (19 hours). a bit scary YES but you do feel like a “big” girl : ) happy new year!


  2. WOW! Some awesome things here. I know that you will succeed. You have come so far since we first met 1-1/2 years ago (hard to believe it has been that long). I love the collaboration with Mark, I might have to steal that one for Glen and I 🙂 I wish only the best for you and great success!


  3. “Explore” such a good word to have all year…it seems like more fun than my “simplify” (which says work to me!) LOL Have a wonderful year – you are Beyond!!


  4. I also love how you made it into printable art…I might have to try that…well, if I ever get the list done…I love your 14…I think we share one …I would love to be able to fly somewhere by myself…I'm such a scardy cat with that…I wish you the best in getting some of the things on your list done..


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