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Cold now
Close to the edge. Almost
unbearable. Clouds
bunch up and boil down
from the north of the white bear.
~ Mary Oliver ‘Cold Poem’
On my Christmas list this year I requested some poetry by Mary Oliver an author I only discovered from my friends on the other side of the Atlantic. I love the sparseness of her words the absolute honesty and grittiness . So please indulge me as I work my way through the two volumes almost treating the words as if they were precious a kind of unraveling like opening a gift that has many layers.
It is the time that many people choose a word for the year, I have tried this two years running and it has just not stuck with me. So this year I’m going to ponder longer and maybe not choose a word until later in 2014.
So my blog readers I wish you a Happy New Year, may the year ahead bring you joy, love and fulfilment and thanks for your kind words of encouragement I truly treasure every comment.

Sending Kim and John love on their cancer journey, may 2014 see the journey completed and a new chapter in their lives begin.

Linking with Kim for Texture Tuesday using one of her Pinterest textures (number 3)


18 thoughts on “AT THE END OF THE YEAR ~ TUESDAY

  1. Mary Oliver's works are very appealing to me and your posts are going to be so good to see what photo you use with her words. They say “just enough”. Wishing you are fantastic New Year. You truly are an inspiration and blessing in many, many ways to me and so many others! I'm so blessed to be among this wonderful group in which our paths have crossed (thousands of miles apart). xx


  2. oh viv…. beautiful … what a wonderful christmas gift……. so happy you discovered Mary Oliver…..beautiful image…and thank you for your kind words…. so sweet….sending lots of love your way….. xo, Kim


  3. I've noticed some of Mary Oliver's words when I've done some searching for meaningful prose and may have used one of her poems in a post here and there. It took me weeks to decide on a 2014 word and will talk about it tomorrow. Hope you find yours and it holds great meaning for you. xo


  4. You and I share Mary Oliver…she is one of my favorites and I got her new book from my son and then I ordered two more…she is easy and lovely…earthy. I'm glad your enjoying here..Stunning image, as usual…a true vision that Mary Oliver would love.Happy New Year Viv…it's been nice getting to know you.


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