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Do you have blue days, days of delicious melancholy ?

 Not really unhappy just sad in a warm comforting way. I love listening to melancholy music, mostly folk music, songs of lost love, of men marching off to war to fight for King and Country. Of maidens being deserted by their loves. Now I’m sure you are thinking WHAT ? how depressing, but to me they are part of me of my make up . I sit here at my computer being kept company by Show of Hands, Jim Moray  you see I could go on…..
One of my Christmas presents this year is the ‘Penguin Book of English Folk Songs’ I’m hoping to make some journal/scrapping pages using the lyrics as inspiration.

Adieu sweet lovely Nancy
Ten thousand times adieu
I am bound to cross the ocean
To seek for soemthing new
Come change your ring with me dear girl
Come change your ring with me
That it might be a token of true love
When I am on the sea

What inspires you ? Do you have a favourite book of poems or quotations ?  I would love to know..

18 thoughts on “A BLUE DAY

  1. Wonderfully done Viv! You made melancholy feel like a cozy sofa and a comfy blanket. I feel like that when I am tired, but it is a nice tired a great time to sit back and observe things. I feel more insightful when I am like this.


  2. It's so interesting how colour affects our mood. That same image in yellow and orange tones would feel entirely different and happier. But there certainly is a place for melancholy…I love Rumi quotes and of course Mary Oliver poems and anything by John O'Donohue…


  3. Beautiful blue. I think you must be a true artist. Artists are melancholy, right?! My favorite quotes tend to be from children's books like The Velveteen Rabbit, Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, Charlotte's Web. And dog stories 🙂


  4. Oh my, you must be a kindred spirit. I sometimes do enjoy those melancholy times (and I understand what you mean by not being sad; totally different). Your photo matches your post perfectly and love how you've chosen the blue hue.


  5. Viv, these photos are just gorgeous! The one up top is stunning! When my melancholy mood comes out I listen to Canon in D, different versions of the same thing. When I am “there” I can crank out the work…it's a whole different level of energy and mindset. The child in me loves Winnie the Pooh quotes.


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