Thoughts on Thursday



Following a prompt from Amanda at Write ALM .

‘ what haunts you’.

I find being in the present difficult. Is it escapism ? or something else, it always means I’m never satisfied.

I need to sit back and take stock,  maybe enjoy a coffee, a line in a book the smile of a child or the look of love from him.

Thoughts that roam through my mind are loud and ugly.

Music quietens my soul, the wail of the pipes, the haunting tones of a flute, mournful tones that echoes my thoughts and stills me.

Always I look and try to analyse what is going to happen but by just taking a breath, looking out of the window, watching the birds on the fence or the squirrels chasing each other, looking for that elusive berry or nut, to save and hoard for those cold winter days. The grey cold days the skeleton branches on the tree are stark against the sky.


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