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“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” 

The Winter will be here soon, short grey days with the sun low in the sky.  This is the time to take stock, to sort and to make plans. I find these days difficult, the cold makes my muscles ache and it is difficult to keep warm. The temptation is to sit curled up in a blanket with a good book and a hot drink.  But this winter I am determined not to hibernate
Friday Find this week is the wonderful Somerset Levels, a flat endless expanse  of wetlands once covered by sea, It is full of wading birds, often floods, and is impassable.  But on a cold frosty morning it is magical and with Glastonbury Tor on it’s hill in the distance rising often out of a low lying mist, is one of the most inspiring sights. No wonder many people find it mystical.
   Glastonbury has become a mecca for seekers of the mystical, shops are full of crystals, healers and wonderful music. One of my favourite musicians is Loreena McKennit listen to her HERE.
We came across this musician who was singing a song set to the words of Kipling, called the Tree Song.
“Of all the trees that grow so fair,
Old England is adorn,
Greater are none beneath the sun,
Than Oak, and Ash and Thorn. 
Sing Oak and Ash and Thorn good sirs.
Surely we sing no such thing,
In Oak, and Ash, and Thorn.
To finish, as some of my online friends know I am a tremendous Bellowhead fan check out this
YouTube video of Bellowhead on the BBC doing a music hall type Christmas it’s fab….

Have a wonderful weekend…

                                                          Kim Klassen dot Com

18 thoughts on “MUSINGS

  1. when I see images like this it is if they are frozen in time and there is such quit and stillness about it. so lovely. with our holiday and didn't get a Friday Find this week. Have a lovely weekend Viv.


  2. I'm not good with winter either, but I shall follow your example and attempt not to hibernate this winter (tempting though it is!). Your image is absolutely beautiful, what a lovely place.


  3. Such a lovely scenery! 🙂 I used to love winter while in Italy, it was perfect after a super hot summer. But now that I am in Scotland and we get 11 months of rain per year, I am ALWAYS longing for summer, LOL!Lovely quote too, Viv. 🙂


  4. Such an intriguing image but yes, it does make me feel like winter. Like you, I tend to want to hibernate in winter. I find I have to make myself get creative with my camera in order to keep the winter doldrums away. We'll encourage one another on this winter!


  5. Beautiful tribute to winter's icy elegance. I'm with you: not really a fan of winter – I'm always cold, and my fingertips crack and bleed. We are in the midst of an early severe freezing spell here – feels like Canada! I hope you do continue to get out and photography your local loveliness, 'cause I want to enjoy it too.xoxo


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