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Glorious light at Knightshayes in Devon this week. It was so cold and windy but the light as the sun slipped lower and lower pierced through the trees and it was magical.
One thing I am learning that photography from the heart is the only way I can be true to myself.  The most perfect image in the world if it has not been taken with heart can be meaningless. Watching Brene Brown and Ali Edwards this week on Oprah talking about gratitude and how important the everyday is made me realise that it is so important to document,  to show, that we need to be grateful for the little things, the day to day because that is what makes us who we are.
Linking with collage obsession today

My Friday find is rediscovering the present I had last Christmas from Mark a Poloroid Pogo it is a wonderful little gadget. 
It’s great for journaling . 
The backing is sticky so I can stick them in my journal,  
I’m going to start a gratitude journal, wish me luck my track record is not good.
I’m joining up with Kim at Friday Finds and Patricia at Finding Serendipity
Kim Klassen dot Com
Have a great weekend any plans ?

24 thoughts on “FRIDAY FINDS

  1. Love the light in your first photo, Viv, real magic !Beautiful quote too … love Leonard Cohens' songs !What a nice present from your husband … good luck with your gratitude journal …Nice weekend,Sylvia


  2. Your sun photo is breathtakingly beautiful…I know just what you mean about journals. My intentions are always good, but I have a hard time keeping up with them! That Pogo thing looks very cool… 🙂


  3. Anything that helps keep us on track is a good thing…good luck with your gratitude journal. Wow, the light on the top image is just awesome! Being grateful for things in the everyday life makes for an uplifting day. Lovely post Viv!!


  4. Oh my…sigh…that light is heavenly and I see your heart in it. I have been writing thoughts on this very same subject, shooting from the heart. How many times have we seen the perfect thirds, composition, blah, blah, blah, only to not be moved by a photo. They forgot the most important ingredient. Okay, can't say any more, haha! Now, that polaroid pogo looks very interesting….and sticky on the back, hmmm! 🙂


  5. One thing I am learning that photography from the heart is the only way I can be true to myself. Yes, Yes, Yes… I think you know whether it is true to a photographer's heart or not. I think if not the picture might be great but it will still lack something. Thanks for the visit to my little blog… 🙂 Nice to meet you.


  6. Oh that sunset is so delightful. I have so enjoyed creating a gratitude post for this month…really helps in realizing all the blessings we truly have!! Have fun with that Polaroid gadget, looks fun!!


  7. OK, I think that first image is now one of my very very favorites of yours! I find it so incredibly appealing, the light, the composition, the tones — everything! And a pogo, who knew? Looks very very fun.


  8. Your first photo is just so gorgeous…I really love that quote…it talks to me..I think I have a lot of cracks and that quote makes it all good for me.Your family photo's are lovely..This weekend…a celebration as we gather for my preemie Grandsons Christening…so grateful for his little life..


  9. That first photo is so lovely! I recently read a book by Louise Penny, “How the Light Gets In,” based on that quote. Great book, by the way!. And I had never seen a Polaroid Pogo. What a great little gadget!


  10. You are so right about doing this from the heart. I call it the fuel that keeps my creative engine running. If it ain't there, I can't seem to stay motivated to finish something. Hey, I love your new blog header!xoxo


  11. Love you first image with the quote from Leonard Cohen…I was lucky to see Leonard perform last week in concert so the words are that much deeper for me. Really like the photos you took and printed on your Pogo.


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