digital scrapping, Taunton, weekend walk
Well I didn’t have an outing planned for this week so I decided to walk from our house in Trull into Taunton. Usually this takes about 30 minutes but It took me an hour ! It was one go those lovely crisp morning with the most beautiful light.

I so love the reflections in the window of this old building
Moving on I caught lots of little closeups, my favourite type of photographs
Did you see the bug ? I didn’t ……
The walk took me along the main road then off on to a side road. So many wonderful photo opportunities.
Through the churchyard and into the park I just caught the light. I was so lucky.
It is true that when you look at something familiar through new eyes you see beauty all around you.
Linking with Helen at Inspiration Pavilion


  1. Well now that was quite special, loved walking with you only wish I was there to experience it with you but if I can't this was quite special indeed. Loved seeing this Viv. You should do this again.


  2. I'm happy you took time to capture all the beautiful along your walk, Viv! The light is so soft and warm, the reflections on the window, and the tiny bug in the pretty red flower … finding treasures!


  3. Such a beautiful walk Viv…I love it when I go out and just get lost in my lens…your flower photo with all the lovely bokeh is really sweet…I admire your ability to get out there each day…


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