Well I didn’t have an outing planned for this week so I decided to walk from our house in Trull into Taunton. Usually this takes about 30 minutes but It took me an hour ! It was one go those lovely crisp morning with the most beautiful light.

Moving on I caught lots of little closeups, my favourite type of photographsImage 

ImageI actually missed seeing the bug until Mark mentioned it !!!!

The walk took me along the main road then off a side road. So many wonderful photo opportunities.


Through the churchyard and into the park I just caught the light. I was so lucky.

Looking at these photos through the winter months will make me so happy.

I’m having issues with Blogger today so I decided to post here on WordPress.

Linking with Helen at the Inspiration Pavilion



3 thoughts on “A WEEKEND WALK

  1. It looks like we both went on similar walks making the most of the lovely fresh autumn weather! I love your close ups – I can relate to your walk taking much longer than usual – exactly the same happens to me… so much detail to be seen when we slow down. Thanks for linking!! Hope you getting your Blogger issues sorted soon.


  2. The colors are truly beautiful Viv! So many pretty colors this time of year, and a fresh air walk is always a fun thing to enjoy, and get gorgeous photos at the same time. I love your collage of colors, and the close up shots. The top left photo of trees sure looks like a beautiful place to spend time.


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