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 reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.“escape can be a strong motivation for travel”

               synonym:  motive, motivating force, incentivestimulus, stimulation, inspiration,

The change in the weather has made me want to snuggle down in my favourite red fleecy blanket with gingerbread men all over it, to drink hot chocolate and not do much else.
Creativity is a tender thing it needs to be cherished to be prodded and cajoled when it is cold and grey and dark. My creativity is snuggling and inspiration is a bit thin, so I will read and drink tea and make notes ready for inspiration to strike once more.

Textures used were Kim’s Totally and MoreMagic.

Sharing today with Texture Tuesday

Nancy at A Rural Journal is having issues blog wise hopefully all will be well soon.


26 thoughts on “TUESDAY- MOTIVATION.

  1. Just seeing your books stacked and reading your post makes me want to snuggle too. The inch of snow we got last night also helps! LOL Gingerbread men cookies are simply my favorite winter cookie. Hope to make some soon. Love this!!


  2. The weather is perfect for snuggling, drinking tea and reading. Your photo is quite lovely and inviting, I like the reflection in the tea cup. I just picked up 'A Homemade Life' at the library yesterday. I am looking forward to reading it.


  3. Oh, my, yes! Snuggling weather found us last night! And, yes, it's always harder to be inspired/find inspiration in winter, cooler weather, shorter days, flagging spirits. But we'll soldier on, won't we? Because not to is simply not an option.


  4. Unusually cloudy in San Diego CA today. Enjoyed a morning “latte” with a dear friend who is from the uk, Sylivia. Your photograph is so lovely. Thanks you for sharing.


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