So the finale of the road trip 
We broke our journey at Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire.  What a sight, as you round the corner the house is revealed.
The angles are almost unbelievable
Over the moat
The Courtyard
The earliest part of the house was constructed during the Tudor period with the earliest house begun in around 1504 – 1508 and the latest addition being completed in 1610. The Moreton family were wealthy landowners in the area and built the house as a symbol of their prosperity.  
Unfortunately it was so dark inside it was impossible to take a photograph of the Long Gallery which was so wonky it felt like a fairground ride.
National Trust properties are known for their wonderful food and lunch was no exception the best cheese scones and all made on the premises.
Although Little Moreton Hall was given to the Trust the land surrounding this wonderful house is still owned and worked by the Moreton family and access is restricted but the knot garden was accessible.
The National Trust is a charity and  has no funding from Government. It is the members who pay a yearly or life membership that make it possible for everyone to enjoy and marvel at these remarkable buildings.  The National Trust also manages large parts of the coastline and the moors that make up such a rich heritage.
Schools visit many of the properties where volunteers dress in period costume.
I hope you have enjoyed a stroll around Little Moreton Hall..
Linking with Helen at The Inspiration Pavilion.
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  1. Viv – you've captured this hall and the atmosphere brilliantly… Little Moreton in particular has very wonky walls! I came across Great Moreton Hall when I visited Mow Cop the other week. We must meet in a NT tearoom one day! Thanks for linking to my Weekend Walks.


  2. Sharing this place with you was wonderful. I love travelling to see interesting buildings, and you captured this one so well. That first shot is splendid. Oh and lunch looks pretty amazing too. Bring on the cheese scones, I say!


  3. Hi Viv, such a special and unique place! I would love to visit this place together with my family one day … Would be an unforgettable day to spend in these surroundings! You've captured this place in such a beautiful way!


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