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Just a quick post today just popping in with my Friday Find.
My find is my mantra a sentence to use when I’m feeling as if I am in quicksand , when my gremlins are telling me one thing and my heart is striving to tell me something else. In Brene Brown’s course this week during the question and answer session she said a sentence that pierced me.
This is me all my life so now I am giving myself permission to leave that all behind me, to move on. 
I’m also starting 30 Days of Thankful led by Cathy Zielske you can find the link HERE. I know that this is a busy time of the year but I am using this as part of my heart work. For the next 30 days I am going to post each layout on my blog and at the end of November I hope to create a HeartBook.
Here is Day 1
It includes my mantra,  supplies by Cathy Zielske, Ali Edwards and Julie Mead
Kim Klassen dot Com

15 thoughts on “FRIDAY FIND

  1. Oh Viv!!! Such a heart felt post…I've traveled that journey, and found such peace at the end. Happy you are enjoying the course and learning to leave behind old feelings. It is so freeing. Your heart photo – SUPERB!!! Thank you for sharing about 30 Days of Thankful…truly heart work indeed. I'm looking forward to doing it for the first time. (I may need to get those templates though!!) Have a really wonderful weekend dear friend!


  2. Viv beautiful post and I know of which you speak…all those years..just wanting love and like you, I was well into adulthood before I knew that they just didn't know how…today I smother my kids and grandkids with love and hugs and I think of how much my Mom missed out on…I am glad you are starting to understand how lovable you really are…I know this is true…even though we have never met…Have fun this weekend…


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