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A week of thinking, reading, watching and meeting.
I have just embarked on a six week course led by Brene Brown. First impressions and I am treading warily finding my way through the obstacles my gremlins throw at me.  You know the ones that say, ‘Why bother ?’ ‘You’re not worth it ‘ .  ‘There are other things you could be doing’.
I am confronting these obstacles, untangling them like snarled wool, and for the first time in my 58 years I might be seeing a pinhole of light.  I have shame, I have worries mostly starting with….’what if ?
 But as Brene says do the work with intention.
So my Friday Find is the wonderful Brene Brown
My not so Random Five are
  • I took a selfie and smiled in it.
  • I met up with Barbara in Bristol and we had a photo walk so great to meet a fellow groupie.

  • I talked with Mark about some of my long term issues (we have been together for over 30 years) things that I have never verbalised.
  • I am working on my body issues and envy of anyone with long legs.
  • On a lighter note I love listening to the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode ‘Wittertainment’ podcasts on the BBC they are so British and I think so funny.   Mark and I listened to many of these driving from Tucson, Arizona to Santa Fe New Mexico two years ago.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. I loved these Viv, you are worth it Viv and we are all here to tell you so every day of each week my friend. You are awesome. I love the cowboy boots. Love the image of you in it. It is so great to met up with others with like minds so great. Great finds. Good luck with the class.


  2. If a friend tells us their “what ifs” we help them through and show them how wrong they are to think those thoughts. We are so much harder on ourselves! I hope you are able to toss all those thoughts away and make room for all the supportive ones! How fun to meet up with a groupie!


  3. never ever too late to discover that you/we are worth it. love the John Lennon quote and shot. so much fun to have a photo walk — yeehaw! love those boots. You Go!


  4. I have a lot of worries starting with 'what if…' too – and I'm doing Brene's course. Loving it so far. Very brave post, love that you smiled in a selfie (that's still on my list!) and how great to meet up with a groupie. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂


  5. What an absolutely exquisite bench setting. I love what you did with the texture. And your words ring so very true. We should really stop listening to the “what ifs” and concentrate on living each day to the fullest…ignoring those gremlins. But sometimes it's so hard, isn't it? Hope you have a weekend full of thinking, reading, watching and, of course, meeting!Visiting from Friday Finds.


  6. What a great collection of thought, a beautiful quote, and fantastic photo! I especially love the yellow leaves, and the colorful bench photo for their colors. The final photo is simply beautiful and artistic – such wonderful memories to go with it. Hoping your weekend is fantastic Viv! You so deserve it. x


  7. yes It's time we served those gremlins notice. I've been dragging my feet a bit.The quote is awesome like the photo. I believe I will try and check out those podcasts, sounds interesting.Love the boot processing. Was that a shot from 2 years ago on your trip?


  8. You are so brave Viv…to be honest and out there…not many can do that but more should…it is healing and freeing…I didn't learn this from Brene Brown…but I did learn this during therapy…however we learn it, it is valuable to how we chose to go forward….you are doing great..I love the cowboy boot photo…in my next life I want to be a cowgirl…a real one like my flickr friend…Cowgirlrightup…she is awesome…and honest..Bless you dear Viv…have a beautiful weekend.


  9. Quite a week for you, Viv! Inspired by your courage to step forward and take such risks — and write about them! You rock. And cheers to Brene Brown for encouraging so many with her course. Love all the images you chose to feature this week, especially the boots! And love you smilin' selfie.


  10. in just one week the class has given me clarity and permission. i held off and signed up the last day, really on a whim…. whims are the best. great photos Viv and so fun you got to met up with Barbara.


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