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Friday is a good day 
‘She wakes with resolution in her heart.
Today is the day, the humming
of anticipation the joy of knowing
That at last she maybe on the right path’
That is my find this week
And my random five…..

Can’t get enough of these Autumn colours
Baked jacket potatoes with hummus and grated carrot mmmm.. lovely
Loving watching ‘Blacklist’ hokum but good escapism.
Distressed Fx is my app of the week
I can’t wait to get my secondhand  new iPhone 5…

Happy Friday

Linking up with Kim @ Friday Finds and Nancy @ Random 5 Friday

Kim Klassen dot Com

28 thoughts on “FRIDAY – FINDING MY VOICE

  1. Viv, the lighting in your first shot is amazing! The texture of the leaves really adds a wonderful effect. I love the colors in your other shots. Very Autumn!Visiting from Friday Finds.


  2. yes, I definitely have been enjoying the blacklist…I just saw on the internet that it is considered a “winner” for the new Fall shows. I still have to wait for a few more months before I am eligible to upgrade to the Iphone 5…maybe like Sarah, it will be iPhone 6 by that time!! Beautiful Fall Fern image!!


  3. Lovely fern! They are so elegant and evergreen. I hope you enjoy your new phone! I have the iPhone 4 and don't really feel the need for an upgrade. But I can hardly remember life before my iPhone 🙂 If you want to play Words with Friends, let me know!


  4. Such a beautiful quote Viv…I'm almost there…That shot of the fern if beyond gorgeous…I love my iPhone 5…so glad you'll be getting yours soon…have fun with it..Thanks for the app tip…I'll look that up.Have a beautiful weekend….


  5. Great early-autumn-with-a-remnant-of-late-summer-splendor shots – with your new iPhone? Where did you find the quote? I too like Distressed FX; it's nice and straightforward.xoxoPS The jacket is the best part of the potato. I'm just sayin'.


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